David M

"Highly experienced, informative instructor. He kept things fun and interesting for all 6 hours."

Amy B

"Great presenter. better than most. Would definitely take another course with him. "

JoAnna L

"I enjoyed this course. It was the first time I signed up for an on-line course. Usually prefer live seminars. However, I found this on-line course was very effective and convenient. Presenter followed handouts. Very useful information. I would do this again, on-line training."

Danielle M

"I loved the flexibility of being able to watch this over the course of a few weeks. I will likely do more trainings in this format."

Jonathan B

"I have to say this has been one of the better trainings I have completed of late. Thank you for some very great, relevant information that I plan to use!"

Anna H

"The presenter was very knowledgeable. I learned from the role plays as well. The presenter was good about repeating questions from the participants, which is very much appreciated when taking the course electronically!"

Carolyn M

"I would take this course again. I appreciated the flexibility in being able to view part of it on my own as well as part with the team. "

Kaila S

"One of the BEST courses I have ever taken! Informative AND interesting!"

Stephen C

"Great training. This guy really knows what he's doing!"

Glenn P

"this was a great seminar...definitely learned a lot and will most likely buy the DVD for myself and my staff."