Melissa T

"Terrific! I hope to attend many more."

Yoshimi E

"Excellent! I had purchased the online streaming seminar, but there was so much good material I probably should have purchased the downloaded version so that I can refer to it in the future. I love that I could do this sem all week long and use it with some of my clients. Already effective. I love that she presented this experientially, as I will be much more likely to use it with my clients. So So Helpful!!!!!"

Elizabeth R

"one of the best courses i've taken! we were provided with so many take home strategies"

Cindy E

"Thank you. Getting to in-person trainings can be very inconvenient; this is a perfect alternative!"

Roseanna O

"This is the best, most specific training I have ever seen. Amazing. Actual tools and tangible treatment. Bravo!!!"

Kimberly C

"Very good program, with very practical ways to introduce and build skills in mindfulness with clients. "