Kelley C

"I thought I had a pretty good understanding of EF skills until today. There is so much more out there for me to learn. Thank you."

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"Good presentation and very knowledgable about the topic."


"I really enjoyed this presentation. It was very informative. "

Melissa C

"He could have easily done a longer presentation and kept my interest! Thank you!"

Christopher S

"Very good speaker - was a ton of information and I look forward to reading through the materials more thoroughly and also have purchased the 2 books suggested by Dr. McCloskey"

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"Dr. McCloskey was a wonderful presenter. One of the best webinars I've ever taken. Incredible content delivered in a challenging yet accessible manner. Bravo! "

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"Great presentation and material"

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"Appreciated the multiple references given and the case examples."

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"Excellent content provided by expert in the field who included multiple resources and strategies for application"

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"I am eager to learn more, thank you Dr. McCloskey!"