Tanya H

"In 30 years of practice and training, this was the best presentation I have ever seen. Mr. Fisher is both incredibly knowledgeable and a fabulous teacher. His warmth, humor and enthusiasm were contagious and inspiring. His presentation will forever change the way I practice, as well as the consideration these issues in my own life. Thank you!"

Stacy E

"Excellent presentation! "

Rachel S

"Terrific multicultural diversity presentation by Lambers Fisher who as an upbeat, great attention-holding presenter established and exemplified virtual rapport from start to finish with memorable, energetic therapeutic effect from start to finish. Thank You Kindly And Prayerfully - God Speed With Increased Cultural Competency In Our Multicultural World!"


"Excellent teacher, Lambers Fisher. I would be happy to take a course with him again."

Carolyn C

"It was very helpful and Mr Fisher was excellent and answered many questions I have had."

Marie D

"Excellent presenter, lots of useful content presented in a lively and engaging manner."

Janet L

"was really good"

Lynne S

"Very helpful. Well worth the time spent. It would be nice if there was an option to increase the size of the slides a bit more."

Susan L

"Excellent! A journey, for sure! Thank you."

Richelle H

"This was a very engaging presentation and presenter who was passionate about his material. I learned a lot!"