Leah L

"It was nice to just sit and listen to Dr. van der Kolk- a pioneer and expert of trauma. No technology created presentations necessary."

Lisa R

"good very interesting"

Karen P


Theresa H

"Excellent knowledge"


"Very good information. Thank you."

Marilou F


Georgina C

" I feel I have gained a greater understanding of the effects of trauma on the body and more confidence in how to approach it when working with clients. I identify with Dr.van der Kolk’s theory’s on using treatments such as mindfulness, breathing and yoga to help people to feel safe in the present and using drama and other pleasurable activities, in order to live and feel good in the present and how it helps to re wire the brain. I was particularly interested in talking/ re traumatising"

Philippa R

"excellent, thank you"

Gillian D

"I have read the book and found it fascinating and informative, it has played a large role in my understanding and practice, and I have explored a lot of body work and EMDR as a result. "

Rabina A

"Thank you for introducing your book, I liked the landmark themes in the book and looking forward to hearing from o reading and expanding my understanding of trauma and it’s interconnected impact on the mind and body."