Shelby G

"Great presentation! "

Kristin B

"Excellent course. Took quite a bit longer than the 12 hour video, as additional hours were needed to read the dense class material/booklet and to take the quiz and absorb the material. "

Claudia E

"Thank you, I learned a lot!"

Jill M

"This was so useful....particularly right now"

David A

"Joni was wonderful, she is a great presenter! Unfortunately there were a few technical problems."

Veronica G

"The presenter was well prepared. "

Jennifer M

"Presenter was excellent. I am very appreciative PESI offered this course to therapists for free during this pandemic. "

Serena H

"Joni Gilbertson was great! She kept me engaged the entire time."

Anna S

"This is a fantastic training that I am so very happy I took. "

Sylvia D

"The content was good and the presenter very knowledgeable and experienced "