Lindsay M

"The presenter was extremely engaging and provided numerous real-life examples that helped my understanding of content and the resonance of the content."

Necole F

"WONDERFUL!! LOVE IT!! VERY knowledgeable, VERY humorous, professional, you could DEFINITELY tell he was a psychologist. A good deal of demonstration/examples as far as application, very responsive to my/our questions. I learned an ENTIRELY different treatment mode to treat anxiety!! One of the BEST trainings I've EVER attended!!"

Marjorie C

"Excellent presenter. Too much to take in in one day"

Hope V

"Really enjoyed the content. Very practical"

Mona O

"Very good training, will be able to use with clients."

John P

"What a wonderful presenter. Professional, knowledgeable and down to earth! I truly enjoyed his presentation, style and expertise!"

Janelle W

"Wow what an opportunity to learn from such an experienced clinician. Dr. Carbonell was grounded in experience, theory and research. I really have benefited greatly as a professional from my time today. I am also thankful that I could take this course in my office and did not have to travel (a big expense for me). Thank you to Dr. Carbonell and PESI."

Mary Q

"This course was terrific. Thank you, I will use many phrases with my patients. Appreciate it!"

Teresa M

"Great webinar! Loved it!"


"Thamk you for the information and techniques. "