David T

"Thank you! This was so thorough, I cannot imagine practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic without this information "

Eran S

"Overall well done"

Nicole S

"This was such a useful seminar and information was applicable to not just telehealth but general practice as well."

Margaret D

"Great Training. "

Demitrius B

"This was a major help, especially during COVID-19."

Sharon T


Janiece W

"Wow! So much information! Still trying to wrap my brain around this. Not sure if I want to do DT, but if I want to remain in this field, I'd better get accustomed to this change."

Maureen S

"Excellent presentation. Very informative. "

Jason L

"Amazing course"

Louis P

"I did this online just as the stay at home order forced me to shift to teletherapy. The course was VERY helpful. Joni is very knowledgeable."