Cindy H

"I am glad this course was free through a coupon my colleague provided. I would have been very disappointed to pay for it and see the low quality of instruction/videography. It was frustrating to spend the time sitting through this content, but I needed to fulfill a requirement."

Michael C

"Very informative course. "

Ellen R

"I feel completely satisfied with the information presented in this presentation. I am very excited to begin my telehealth profession. I feel very prepared after this presentation. Thank you."

Theresa N

"Thank you for providing this training in such a chaotic time. Much appreciated!"

Miyoshi J

"Very well organized and presented a lot of information. Discussion was great as well."

Ricia F

"I learned a great deal from this class and was particularly impressed by the caring, respectful attitude of the presenter. She impressed me as a thorough, responsible, ethical person and professional, and she made the class enjoyable as well as educational. Great job. Kudos to all. "

Walter R

"A very good course. I would recommend to all professionals. "

Jennifer R

"Great seminar!"

Jennifer K

"thank you this was a very useful course. The teacher was excellent!!"

Lucas S

"Informative and very useful for this time. "