Judith W

"This course was an excellent addition to my social work 'tool kit' and I will use this information to begin to offer distance therapy within my current company."

Colin L

"It was a learning curve"

Danielle W

"One question on the quiz stumped me - Q17. I thought research showed telehealth was good for mental health, addiction, and disabilities. Q17 showed otherwise "

Jacqueline G

"No Comments"

Sarah W

"Thank you VERY much for making this training free of charge - it included necessary and useful information, and I was able to do this quickly in a time of national emergency. THANK YOU!"

Stephanie K

"great training. very helpful."

Melissa D

"Great training!"

Ashley C

"This was a great seminar!"

Ramona A

"Good presentation"

Meleesa H

"wonderful opportunity offered to learn new skills during COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you! Great review of general ethics, as well!"