Lynn Y

"Excellent info, relevant helpful stories to emphasize his point."

Ryan W

"Great seminar with lots or relevant information"

Beatrice F

"Excellent course, excellent and knowledgeable presenter. "

Adam D

"Excellent presentation. I learned a lot and I am very satisfied."

Taylor "Gabe" H

"I was VERY pleased to see inclusion and for once, accuracy with the Transgender related aspect of presentation! Seldom ever do I see this. 30 yrs working with the TS/IS pop and educating others, this was so AWESOME! Thank you Jack for not omitting the population often left out! "

Barb P

"This was by far the best continuing education that I have ever attended. The full discussion of risk, diagnosis, treatment, and clinician self care in a concise manner was appreciated. "

Rachael R

"EXCELLENT TRAINING!!! exceeded my expectations, presenter was wonderful!!!"

Allison H

"excellent presenter! very useful information."

Carol M

"Mark was excellent in customer service addressing my need. Jack Klott excellent I learned so much from this course and I took a similar course a few years ago. Highly recommend it."

Marleigh O

"This was my first webinar through PESI and it was easy to use and follow along."