Mary H

"Excellent presentation "

Kristina B

"Thank you! This info is greatly appreciated (college health NP)"

Jaime H

"I enjoyed this training very much. I feel that it opened my eyes to some things I was not aware of and will greatly improve my counseling with LGBTQ youth."

Nikole F

"Great presentation, very informative "

Susan B

"Great training!"

Samantha K

"I have learned so much from this course! I believe that all "helpers" should attend. The course information will change how I perceive, interact, and intervene with LGBTQ clients. "

Beth G

"Excellent course - one of the best Continuing Education courses I have purchased. "

Angela B

"GREAT workshop."

Barbara C

"This was one of the better trainings I've been to. Well presented and I learned a lot!"

Deanna M

"Fantastic presentation. Very informative and well done! "