Kirsten L

"This was one of the best courses I have attended due to the focus on interventions, instead of just diagnosis. This presenter was very creative in her approach and very informative in relaying the interventions she finds works for her clients. Thank you!"

Carol W

"Good Workshop with tangible techniques"


"I was impressed by her knowledge as well as her communicative style. Amazing!"

Debra B

"Excellent. One of the very best CE opportunities I have had in the past several years."

Debra E

"Enjoyed the speaker; information was very relevant to topic."

Karlyn H

"Speaker was very effective in explaining course content and application."

Aquanette T

"Very Good. "

Deborah P

"I was extrememly pleased with this training and hope that my supervisor will allow the entire staff to have this training. This speaker was amazing!!"

Heidi H

"excellent. very fast paced but lots of good information"

Rose A

"This instructor has a vast amount of research coupled with concrete experience. It is so meaningful to listen to someone who is active in the field. Her delivery is pleasant and it wa fun watching her put some theory into practice while communicating with her adult audience. Truly worthwhile seminar"