Erika S

"Great information and presentation of materials. "

Jacquelyn L

"very interesting and useful"

Veronica G

"Loved her video clips and spoken word. Powerful addition to her talk."

Clare B

"Very useful information for therapy practice."

Danielle R

"I really enjoyed the learning!"

Penny H

"Life changing. Can't wait to share this with my clients."

Jennifer C

"This was fabulous! I’ve been studying these topics for a while and I am thrilled to seeing you offer this very important content. The presentation was well done and extremely informative. "

Claire H

"This is my first time to "attend" via webinar. It was an excellent experience! Judith presents on an understanable level and is completely accepting in her discussion of emotional eating, chronic dieting, bingeing and body image. Thank you, Judith!"

Judith “Diane” D

"Wonderful information; very helpful!"

Nicole H

"One of the best trainings I have attended."