Dee M

"Thought provoking, challenging and invaluable"

Kim C

"This was far one of the most informative cultural "workshops" attended in my 25 years experience. I like that it went into the neuro science of cultural barriers. "

Silvia K

"Best Presenter in the series! There was background noise from another presentation which was distracting."

Coretta F

"Great presentation!"

Kenia L

"This was a phenomenal course"

MaryAnn N

"Furthered my understanding of generational trauma."

Eckart W


Adrienne B

"she was an excellent speaker and she provided authentic examples of the content. "

Ivy Z

"there was a constant high pitched sound throughout the talk. Poor sound quality and slow moving presentation, but excellent content."

Susan F

"I loved this course and the professor. Anita Mandley is great!"