Mary B

"Through content. Good questions from participants. Interesting and engaging manner from speaker "

Ryan H

"I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and the presenter Paul Foxman. I found his down-to-earth approach made it easy to digest the material and I truly appreciated the various video applications he used."

maria f

"Paul foxman was great! I would call him for professional direction "

Julie G

"great delivery. honest and knowledgeable speaker . great examples given to further enhance understanding of the topic"


"Dr. Foxman is the only speaker that I have heard over the years that has kept to his agenda. I came away learning so much, despite not having a pshych background, Dr. Foxman's way of presenting the material allowed me to follow along. I thought the short video meant for parents who have difficult"

lynn s

"excellent speaker, valuable information received."

Dr. Cara D

"The very best PESI seminar ever!! Please bring him back for other topics! Thank you."

Stephanie G

"I found this seminar very educational and enjoyed being about to participate in the seminar via the webcast."