Michael M

"Excellent updated course. "

Kelly P

"Most power, hope building exercise I have ever participated in."

Suzonne K

"Excellent training"

Venus R

"One of the greatest courses I have taken. Thank you!"

Amy N

"LOVED this! Presenter is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and entertaining. BRAVO!"

Alexandra M

"Hands down this is the most relevant course I have ever taken as it pertains to my practive. Dr. Lester was entertaining and chock full of stories to emphasize and give meaning to the concepts he was trying to underline. Excellent, Excellent course!!! "

Jeremy H

"I enjoy Pesi trainings, and this was one of the most compelling that I have completed. "

Izola J

"Informative and well presented"

Jenna S

"Great content/great presentor."

Jenna R

"This was hands down my favorite training I've ever had through PESI- it was informative and well organized. Dr. Lester's style was engaging and came across as energizing even through the online format."