Sheila F

"Excellent presenter."

Cassandra B

"This is the best ethics presentation I've seen on PESI. The presenter was clear, concise, thorough, and interesting. Thank you so much!"

Maureen L

"Excellent examples to illustrate points. Enjoyed the cartoons to further demonstrate points. Covered much but never felt rushed! Thank you~"

Karen W

"One of the best presentations on ethics "

Laura S

"Thank you!"

Laurel S

"Helpful relevant information in a interesting discussion. Jeffrey Ashby is a good speaker. Thank you!"

Diane L

"Excellent presenter. I was so impressed on the use of story telling intermingled with content. And his use of humor and self-awareness was instrumental in keeping me interested. I would definitely take another workshop with Jeff. Congratulations on a job well done!"

Jason L

"The handouts are invaluable!"

Kara G

"Jeff is a very engaging speaker! I thought this would be boring but he captured my attention throughout with his use of stories and clinically-relevant material. Actually really enjoyed the class!"

Nora Z

"I enjoyed Jeff and his presentation style very much. He opened my eyes to topics I had not considered previously."