Amy K

"Great information and presentation, thank you."

Aniceta R

"The presenter and the course was timely "

Kimberly T

"This training provided many questions and caused me to think more about the use of technology in my practice."

Linda B

"Very informative"

Betsy D

"Joni went above and beyond in the research to prepare for this training class. She provided useful, relevant information. "

Mandi M

"EXTREMELY helpful in a growing time of using telehealth. I learned a GREAT deal with this. Thank you!!"

James H

"Thank you. Information was very timely and helpful."

Glynnis S

"I was very impressed with the course content learned a lot "

James B

"Superb seminar! Very informed, very timely!!"

Robyn S

"This program was tough and very informative"