Vanessa A

"Really appreciated this training. Really helped to immerse me into telehealth. Helped with my confidence. "

Jamie D

"I am thankful to Pesi for providing seminars electronically! It is a great help."

Melissa G

"Very useful content and great slides and presentation."


"Very very informative!!"

Roberta L

"Excellent webinar!"

Mary B

"Thank you for providing this training online for free to a limited number of people. I feel very privileged to have been able to attend. "

Crystal D

"Very useful information considering the current situation! "

Pamela W

"This course was extremely relevant and full of information delivered in a clear manner."

Toni Y

"Very useful information. I learn a great deal more than expected. Information was presented well and made easy to understand for first time users of Telehealth. "

Doug M

"Excellent course."