Gerald H S

"Masterfully done. Exactly what I expected of them."

Natalie M

"Excellent information."

Susan B

"I learned so much, especially how to engage couples in the process."

Robyn R

"This course was my first foray into the art of couples therapy after a 25-year career as a high school counselor. I use the Gottman materials and methods consistently with couples I see in my return to mental health therapy. My confidence grows steadily as I see real progress with my clients. Thank you, Drs. John and Julie! "

Michael G

"I have been practicing since 1980 and have taken so many workshops. This was the best workshop by far. as the material just flowed and made immediate sense...I was able to integrate it so easily. I love everything about the seminar. Keep up the great work. And Thank You"

Julie S

"Great informational seminar!"

Tangia E

"Really enjoyed this training and I have increased my desire to become trained as a couple's therapist"

Renee J

"great presenters"

Fay H

"Excellent seminar! Bring us more of the Gottmans!"

Carl J

"Excellent presentation"