Stephanie P

"The course content was very useful and interesting"

Alicia L

"Amazingly helpful and I learned some great tools today!"


"Excellent information. "

Rossina S

"David Kessler was a very engaging presenter. He kept the material relevant and practical, but also demonstrated how to support clients through the grieving process."

Mira R

"He was a terrific presenter!"

Patricia B

"This course exceeded my expectations a great deal. It was very relevant to my work and I learned some very important concepts and techniques. It was a pleasure to learn from such a amazing leader in this field."

Mary N

"PESI staff has always been extremely helpful."

Tamara R

"David is a very good trainer/presenter. "

Donna A

"David was a great presented, very clear and stories that was relevant to points being made"

April O

"Thank you! This was so helpful and I hope to be able to bring the information to my staff and clients in my practice!"