Molly R


Mogens J

"Wonderful program: Informative, clear, applicable. The course moved along very well. Every session was worthwhile. The handout was great and serves as a good resource for review and further study. "

Josephine B

"Really useful, thank you."

Jonathan M

"Great Training "

Renee M

"This course was amazing!! I was actually sad it was over. I learned so much more than I ever expected! I was also able to help my clients heal from wounds from PD parents..thank you!!!"


"What at absolute gem of a course. I will want to go over and over the information divulged here. Very grateful for it!"

Rachel W

"Material was intense and useful beyond all expectations. Wonderful!"

Christiane D

"Dr. Lester is a brilliant therapist that made the incredibly complex process of Personality Disordered Therapy easily understood and highly applicable! Fascinating & truly wonderful speaker and trainer! "

Barbara L

"Excellent presenter and training."

Julius M

"Superior "