Eartha P

"It is so great to listen and learn from an expert on how to manage ADHD in the school. Thank you so much. "

Lindsy C

"I was thrilled to see Dr. Barkley as a presenter for this free CEU. I have always admired his written work, and I loved the opportunity to hear him lecture. Great job, PESI!"

Amy L

"very useful information. I appreciate the handouts."

Janna H

"Great presentation! Provided practical strategies to use and was very well presented."

Jana K

"great presentation....very helpful"

Shaul S

"Excellent webinar. Thank you."

Ron M


Dafna B

"Dr. Barkley did a great job presenting the info in a clear, to the point, organized way. Great resource that can be directly applied at school."

Traci P

"I enjoyed this training. Thank you for the new ideas."

Jo D

"Excellent presentation by Dr. Barkley."