Tina LaMar C

"Very informative. A new way to look at shame."

Dave H

"FANTASTIC course - I am amazed how much info was packed into so short a presentation, and how immediately applicable it will be in my practice - THANK YOU!!!!"

Andy M

"Fascinating. Glad I watched this."

Katherine C

"Fantastic Relavent Complicated concepts that were explained in a user friendly manor"

Joni W

"This is the best PESI presentation I've seen yet. Excellent job, Dr. Fisher. I'll be definitely checking out your web site as well as the resources you recommended. Thank you! "

Carol B

"Excellent training!"

Lauren P

"Completely changed my perspective on shame- incredibly wonderful!"

Joseph S

"As a semi-retired psychologist with a long history of working with seriously mentally ill adults, many-if not most- who have had familial, personal and sometimes institutionally induced trauma, Dr. Fisher's presentation and wealth of experience helped me to gain some additional perspective on the somatic and cognitive interaction in the experience of persistent shame, and in its treatment. This seminar was more than worth the time and attention needed."

Naomi K

"Excellent warm presentation"

Marcia C

"Very good training. Lots of information provided."