Cindy H

"thank you, good presentation."

Diana R

"Prepared-passionate and an engaging presenter."

Jo Anne E

"Dr. Vander kolk is brilliant- I will look forward to more of this type of training"

Michelle F

"This was a great course! I viewed with the clinicians in our practice and everyone gained such great knowledge and we had great discussions around EMDR and other experiential therapies in trauma and PTSD treatment."

Audrey P

"Bessel is one of the pioneers of trauma recovery and a delight to listen to for an hour or a week. I wish this workshop could have been for 5 days as Bessel is fill of interesting stories relevant to the topic of trauma and is an expert on the history of trauma work as well as highly knowledgeable about which treatments help and which don’t. Would have loved to see a lot more of his videos showing him actually working with clients. Love his honesty and his courage to address the politics."

Stephanie C

"Excellent course and presentation! Will keep all in mind when working with the young clients. Movement and yoga info was very valuable prior to emotion work. "

Deanna A

"I was extremely disappointed that we were not able to see videos and slides during webinar. We definitely did not get the full experience and it impacted the training. I Would think twice before I attend a training like this again."


"The presenter was overly political and at times it became a distraction- in particular on day two. It took away from the training as a whole. "

Rebecca W

"Fantastic informative conference on trauma. I learned so much and will be able to take this into my classroom."