Mary V

"The information presented in the course was fantastic! I would have liked all the handouts to be available in the video, as I couldn't see what was on her screen and there was much more information in the handout Trauma Treatment..."

Judith K

"Excellent delivery - I found it super helpful that she gave so many examples to explain the theory"

Jolene A

"Wonderful presentation, very helpful. "

Ana V

"Outstanding presenter!!! Exceptional materials, very clear thorough, visually appealing and organized information. Undoubtedly there was a lot of effort and care for details from Dr. Sweeton's in the preparation of this exceptional course. I acknowledge it and greatly appreciated it. Ana Vargas"

Carrie A

"Really enjoyed Jennifer. She was incredibly professional and knowledgeable."

Rachel C

"Presenter was great- material was presented in a way my brain responded to! I learned a lot!"

Mike D

"Dr. Sweeton is brilliant and communicates excellently to a professional audience. She was receptive to questions."

Jennifer F

"My favorite PESI presenter!"

Gail G

"Jennifer was amazing. Great presentation! "