Karah S

"I've read The Body Keeps the Score and have also listed to the audiobook. It holds powerful and incredible information, I think it should be a must read for every human. "

Lauren L

"Very useful and pertinent information for the type of client i am seeing more often. Very well presented!"

Lynne G

"Excellent in every way!"

Fiona H

"As a self-employed therapist having a free tutorial of this calibre has been rewarding in more ways than one, it has educated me and I can now pass on this to my clients. Very grateful. "

Micah W

"Fantastic resource and compelling talk to further learn more about trauma work. "

Kirstin C

"This was an excellent presentation and I look forward to continuing to learn from his research."

Bonnie R

"Excellent presentation!"

Heather T

"I love and appreciate all the Bessel van der Kolk trainings. You can never over-utilize his work. I consider him the best articulator of trauma research in this century. <3"

Laura W

"The presentation was relevant and interesting without being confusing or superfluous!"

Dianna B

"Excellent presentation!!"