Lisa J

"I have never done a training like this and was very helpful. "


"Excellent program and presentation!"

Ruth S

"Great Course and timely."

Amanda L

"great job!"

Lee H

"Great course! Very knowledgeable. "

Grizell B

"Excellent and timely. I will be rewatching the material/videos again, because there is so much information to digest."

Diane L

"Pleased by the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of preparation and info presented by Joni Gilbertson. It helps us to be better, forethinking and far-thinking clinicians serving our clients and the community. "

Yolanda C

"Excellent presentation and information"

Marsha R

"Thank you so much for offering this training as we are all adapting to Distance Therapy!!! Joni was very knowledgeable and did a great job with the webinar format and discussions. "

Wendy M

"Excellent course. Youhad me downloading hard copies of my BAA's from all of the sites I use. Thank you."