Christine H

"Very informative and good information that was new due to the telehealth we are using at this time"

Marcia G

"Excellent presenter/great sense of humor too!!!"

Ken C

"I am 71 years old and I have practiced for years and attended countless seminars. Dr. Ashby is a gifted teacher. I am thankful for opportunity to learn from him. Ken Christianson PhD"

Roderic B


Abbott J

"Presenter was quite effective in using humor and personal experiences to hold the listener's attention. He made a potentially mind numbing webinar interesting and informative. I would highly recommend this webinar."

Jorge J

"Very good presentation. "

Caroline B

"Jeff was incredible! I will ABSOLUTELY be learning from him again! I'm keeping a sharp eye out for any CE instructed by Jeff Ashby! He was entertaining, personable, and knowledge. He made ethics seem scary and yet fun. "

Lori G

"Excellent course."

Charlotte P

"Excellent class"

Dona M

"Amazing instructor. Would like to take this training live."