Christina C

"Joni was very prepared. I appreciate the thorough information for this expanding mode of practice. The discussions with the participants and online questions from participants were more beneficial than anticipated. The training was fun despite being potentially a boring topic. "

Amalia E

"Very thorough and eye opening. "

Leah H


Charlotte E

"I didn't know what I didn't know. Wow. Thank you for this training."

Stephen B

"Great workshop!"

Shanna B

"Thank you!"

Shontel C

"Awesome program! "

Jeane H

"Excellent Presentation and would highly recommend to others"

Sandra H

"Don’t know how she did it but she kept me engaged for two days by telephone. Amazing she’s a wonderful speaker. Kept enthusiasm going. How I wished I could’ve operated my zoom. I learned more than what I expected and I am so glad I waited till the certification to begin my business online."

Susan I

"Very informative and helpful! Thank you!!"