Leticia S

"awesome training"

Kyle W

"Great course. Thanks!"

Cynthia A

"He is brilliant. His book is brilliant. The talk meandered and the test was very hard of material not fully covered."

Brenda G

"This is one of the most amazing, educational and detailed training i have attended. It helped me to looks at myself as a clinician and re-evaluate how it present myself in session. Bessel Van der Kolk presented so much need to know information that i pondered all weekend. Please continue to provide his training for other clinicians to learn. "

Elizabeth M

"Overall wonderful training! But there was significant difficulty with the clarity in the audio and videos were not accessible to audience via web. The PowerPoint available to download was not in order of the presentation and difficult to follow. "

Susan R

"Excellent "

Lynn F

"We appreciated the learning and being able do this from our office. "

John M

"Very Excellent course"

Monica D

"Incredible presenter. I will watch this more than one. Very important and very candid. "


"He appeared to have a great connection with the participants at the live presentation."