Alicia F

"Presenter had great energy, was very knowledgeable, and held my attention for the entire 6 hours."

Steve T

"The presenter was awesome! Wonderful sense of humor. Great understanding of the topic - ethics. He made ethics fascinating. Well worth the time and money!!!"

Daniel W

"An Excellent Course!"

Constance Cotter W

"Extremely organized seminar. Highly informative and interesting. A superb presenter."

Anneke G

"Good stories, good presenter. Kept me interested the whole time. I felt the test at the end had difficult wording and I am not sure everything on it was covered today."

Glenn M

"Excellent information and presentation."

Tara L

"Jeff Ashby was very entertaining and engaging. "

Melissa W

"excellent speaker: informed and engaging"

Laura L

"Great presentation. I was pleasantly surprised. "

Susan B

"One of the best webinars ever. "