Margret F

"I believe this program was very worthwhile. I learned a great deal!"

Erik B

"It was a nice course and it was great for what I needed right now with COVID and using teleconferencing."

Delpha D

"Excellent course. Will recommend to co-workers."

Mildred B

"I am very satisfied overall with the training. Considering the current demand for this type of service, it was very comprehensive yet simple for beginners like me."

Susan L

"The webinar was very engaging. I especially enjoyed hearing questions and comments from the participants of the webinar. "

Christopher A

"Excellent content! Thank you."

Susan H

"Great presenter."

Katie T

"Very Grateful for this to be made available during COVID-19. I would be interested in something with more of a focus on online clinical work itself. "

Thomas J

"I am very impressed with the presenter and the information presented. Will consider future PESI courses - lots of great content!"

Alysa A

"This was extremely helpful!"