Kristi S

"excellent training!"

Anita T

"Enjoyed course and found it very helpful"


"great course"

Carolyn K

"Great course! Will recommend. "

Jenna R

"This seminar was fantastic and very relevant due to the current pandemic. I have begun Telework with my clients and this certification will help me immensely! Thank you!!"

Michelle E

"I was pleasantly impressed with the overall training. I am dyslexic and found Joni's instruction easy to follow and understand. Thank you!!!"

Sylvia B

"The material is useful beyond measure. Didn’t like how long the post test took to complete."

Danielle H

"The information was current and informative. The audience supplemented the presenter beautifully. Right presenter. Right audience!"

Tara P

"Great training! Helpful info that we will incorporate daily in practice."

Scott H

"Presenter was very knowledgeable about the material and know how to present it in an organized manner. Group participation added to the intellectual as well as social stimulation during the course. "