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Trauma, grief and suicide disproportionately impact communities of color and difference.

But discrimination and power dynamics have often been overlooked in our professional educations – frequently downplayed, oversimplified, or even fearfully avoided by clinicians.

Get the honest, raw and in-depth training you’ve been looking for your entire career and become a better therapist and advocate for clients of all backgrounds!

Unlike other cultural competency trainings that only scratch the surface… this dynamic self-study course led by SIX RENOWNED EXPERTS will give you specific tools to bring transformational change to you and to your clients facing deep-seated wounds from marginalization, micro-aggressions and discrimination.

Earn up to 22.75 CE hours, including up to 12.0 ethics and 6.0 cultural competency CE hours, and get the step-by-step strategies you need to break down barriers to treatment access, eliminate the stigma that keeps suffering people from seeking help, and use your practice to help dismantle oppressive systems.

Trauma-Informed Treatment to Address Racism, Challenge Injustice and Empower Clients: Social Justice, Ethics & Diversity in Therapy

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Earn up to 22.75 CE Hours - plus, FREE bonuses!

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Course Outline

Six diverse experts – renowned clinicians, researchers, best-selling authors, and a national policy maker – have joined together to provide trauma-informed practice tips, innovative somatic techniques, assessment tools and case studies that bring the work to life. 

You’ll walk away better prepared to work with your clients intersecting identities so you can:

  • Confidently bring conversations about race, class and difference into the therapy room with BIPOC – Black, Indigenous and People of Color – clients
  • Avoid communication missteps that can harm the therapeutic alliance
  • Utilize interview protocols to identify traumatic wounds from discrimination and racism
  • Employ new skills and interventions to address racial trauma in a clinical setting… and so much more!

THAT’S NOT ALL, earn up to 22.75 CE hours, including up to 12.0 ethics and 6.0 cultural competency CE hours, and get the step-by-step training you need to:

  • Develop best practices for integrating Professional Codes of Ethics, cultural competence and equitable treatment
  • Establish and maintain ethical boundaries with clients, dual-relationships and more
  • Avoid ethical traps to advance your practice and protect your license

Click here for course objectives and outline.


Racial Trauma: Assessment and Treatment Techniques for Trauma Rooted in Racism
By Monnica T Williams, Ph.D. | Click here for information about Monnica Williams

Racial trauma expert Dr. Monnica Williams will change the way you work with racism and race-based experiences in therapy. You’ll get the tools you need to help clients name, express, and heal from racial trauma. You’ll get specific clinical strategies to become more comfortable talking about issues related to racism in therapy such as:

  • Interview protocols to identify deep seated wounds from daily assaults on dignity
  • DSM-5 framework guidance for race-based stress and trauma
  • Skills and interventions to properly address racial trauma in a clinical setting
Social Justice, Ethics and Multicultural Issues for Mental Health Professionals: Clinical Strategies for Inclusivity, Empowerment and Improved Treatment Outcomes
By Lisa Connors, LBSW, LCPC, NCC | Click here for information about Lisa Connors

This inspiring module will open your eyes to the struggles of disenfranchised or marginalized populations, and give you practical and innovative techniques so you can comfortably and successfully work with them in treatment. You’ll be able to more capably assess clients, avoid cultural misunderstandings that can harm the therapeutic alliance, and gain the trust you need to achieve truly transformative results. 

How the Body Carries Racialized Trauma: A Therapeutic Pathway to Resilience & Healing
By Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP | Click here for information about Resmaa Menakem

Through a somatic-body approach that negotiates the common historical and perpetual myths that Black bodies, Native bodies, and other bodies of color are inherently deviant and that the white body is the standard of humanness, racial trauma expert, Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP, helps build an understanding of racialized trauma so that we can move from our racialized lens to a cultural lens – and move further to a resourced energy lens of healing. Learn how to recognize trauma in the body, how to build a cultural container to heal, and how to begin practicing resourced resilience. These tools can help us recognize body trauma born out of racism and white body supremacy in our own body and our communities and to start to heal. 

Trauma-Informed Responses to Racial Injustice: Interventions for Immigrant, Diverse or Vulnerable Populations
By Charissa Pizarro, PsyD | Click here for information about Charissa Pizarro

Gain the confidence, cultural competency and trauma interventions to empower your most vulnerable clients! In this module, you'll gain immeasurable insight from racial trauma expert and policy influencer, Charissa Pizarro, Psy.D., on how to address diverse populations AND practical, step-by-step recommendations and resources in providing tactical solutions for your clients facing deportation, violence, family separation, or meeting their basic needs. You'll get:

  • Cultural Humility exercises to better connect with existing and potential clients
  • Culturally Sensitive Treatment plans that address racism and discrimination within the family, at work or school, in the community and elsewhere
  • Tactical tools to help your clients access advocacy, basic needs, direct service needs such as food, shelter and healthcare
  • Resilience interventions for diverse children and adult populations

Click here for Credit hours breakdown, and Click here for course objectives and outline.

Incredible Online CE Self Study for Therapists, Counselors - Earn up to 22.75 CE Hours, including up to 12.0 ethics and 6.0 cultural competency CE hours

$929.94 Value
Today $299.99 — Incredible Savings!
Boundaries in Clinical Practice: Top Ethical Challenges
By Latasha Matthews, MA, LPC, CPCS, CPLC | Click here for information about Latasha Matthews

How you communicate and interact can be interpreted differently by each client. Your professional liability is at risk by not following clear guidelines and best practices when it comes to boundaries. Ethics expert Latasha Matthews, MA, LPC, CPCS, CPLC will provide you with answers to the top challenges you face.

You’ll get guidance on the following ethical boundary pitfalls: Social Media | Email & Text, Self-Disclosure | Gifts & Receiving Gifts | Contact Outside of Session | Dual Relationships | Financial & Business Boundaries | And so much more! Get the tools to avoid ethical entanglements that risk your professional liability. Click here for Credit hours breakdown.

Diversity in Clinical Practice: A Practical & Shame-Free Guide to Reducing Cultural Offenses & Repairing Cross-Cultural Relationships
By Lambers Fisher Jr, MS, LMFT, MDIV |{344752_LAMBERS_FISHER, JRWithBio}

In this dynamic e-book, expert clinician Lambers Fisher will challenge you - in an encouraging and non-shaming approach - to learn more about other cultures, accept what you do not yet know in the process, and utilize strategies that can help you become an increasingly culturally competent professional. Beyond ethnicity, you will explore issues of age, gender, sexuality, religion, acculturation, and social justice, as well as identify opportunities to strengthen your own cultural self-awareness.

Applicable for a wide range of professionals – including counselors, religious leaders, occupational therapists, educators, coaches, physical therapists, and nurses – the practical and impactful strategies in this book will allow you to: reduce cultural offenses and repair damaged relationships… avoid ethical dilemmas… build rapport with diverse clients… help clients of any culture make meaningful life changes… and so much more with unique exercises and case studies. Click here for course objectives and outline.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

Too often, therapists and other helping professionals feel paralyzed by the fear that they don’t know enough about other cultural groups to counsel clients different than themselves. In this online self study course... our six experts set out to mitigate these fears by providing a framework for professionals to better understand the experiences of cultural groups with whom they are not personally or professionally familiar.


With over 22 hours of online video training, insightful commentary, case studies and examples, you will take away powerful new clinical strategies to immediately apply in your own practice! We encourage you to take the time to fully absorb everything. Watch the videos. Read the materials. Get your CE hours! But, if you review all of the course materials and are still not satisfied, give us a call at 800-844-8260. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Trauma-Informed Treatment to Address Racism, Challenge Injustice and Empower Clients: Social Justice, Ethics & Diversity in Therapy
$929.94 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!

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