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“I just push down that feeling of shame and eat, knowing (but not caring)
that the same shame will slam me when I stop.”

Help clients break free from the iron fist of disordered eating by getting to the root of the behavior.

At the center of any eating disorder, you will find shame, complex trauma, self-hatred, co-occurring addiction and a history of abuse and pain

Register for this online certification training course to discover powerful approaches and strategies so you can effectively treat body shame, eating disorders, and more!

You’ll get proven interventions from IFS, CBT, mindfulness, Polyvagal Informed Therapy, meditation, movement, and somatic psychotherapy...

To help your clients develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies FASTER and EASIER than you ever thought possible...

And, once and for all, resolve the trauma and shame that perpetuates their self-destructive behaviors.

CSTS Certification: Eating Disorders, Addictive Eating, Body Shame and More

$1,089.95 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!

In this self-paced training, we’ve brought together four of the leading experts on eating disorders and body shame to teach you...

  • How to effectively diagnose, assess, and develop a treatment plan for your clients
  • How to establish a safe and empathetic therapeutic environment to transform your client’s shame into empowerment!
  • Powerful interventions based on empathy, forgiveness and compassion — all broken down into practical worksheets you can immediately apply in your work
  • Step-by-step solutions for your client’s unhelpful thoughts and feelings
  • Tools to transform your client’s relationship with food, weight, and body image
  • And much more!

PLUS, you’ll hear from IFS developer Dick Schwartz on how IFS can overcome addictive behaviors by safely accessing trauma and masterfully guiding clients toward healing.

To top it off, you’ll also earn up to 26.5 CE hours and be eligible for the CSTS certification which is FREE for one year ($149.99 value)!

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CSTS Certification: Eating Disorders, Addictive Eating, Body Shame and More
$1,089.95 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Up to 26.5 CE HoursClick here for Credit details
Course Outline
Disordered Eating: Somatic, Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness Interventions for Lasting Recovery
Andreana Saffi Biasetti, PhD, LCSWR, CEDS, CIAYT | Click here for information about Ann Saffi Biasetti

How will you move your clients forward when they’ve spent a lifetime viewing themselves as wrong, unlovable, and unworthy of getting better?

Packed with practical, evidence-based interventions using somatic psychotherapy, self-compassion, and mindfulness, this module will transform your perspective and provide you with strategies that shift the focus from shame to empowerment from the very start of treatment!

Binge Eating Disorder: Clinical Interventions to Treat Underlying Trauma, Body Shame, and the Diet/Binge Cycle
Amy Pershing, LMSW, ACSW | Click here for information about Amy Pershing

If you’re doing trauma work, you may already have clients with BED. Are you prepared? For most people with BED, there are other issues (anxiety, depression, trauma histories) that drive them to seek ways to feel better. In this module, join Amy Pershing as she introduces a comprehensive, evidence-based toolkit of successful interventions that:

  • Incorporate the critical connection between early trauma and binge eating disorders
  • Integrate the crucial strategies of “Attuned Eating and Movement”
  • Help process trauma narratives and somatic activations that fuel binge eating

Certification: Shame-Informed Treatment
Patti Ashley, PhD, LPC | Click here for information about Patti Ashley

This module will give you the tools you need to end the brutal hold of shame and empower your clients to develop the acceptance of themselves and others. You will finally have effective treatment strategies and interventions for shame-prone clients with trauma, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, substance use, and anger issues.

Watch and get the training you need to:

  • Re-write the story of shame into I Am Enough
  • Help your clients reduce emotional and binge eating, cultivate secure attachment, and reclaim their body
When you register today, you'll receive a FREE bonus and CERTIFICATION!
Key Self-Preservation Insights from the Internal Family Systems Model on Eating Disorders and Other Addictive Behaviors
Richard C. Schwartz, PhD | Click here for information about Richard C. Schwartz

Internal Family Systems Therapy provides a model of treatment that avoids power struggles, and feelings of shame and judgment that can often accompany treatment for trauma and addictions. Join Richard Schwartz as he demonstrates how IFS is used with addictive behaviors, recovery, and trauma. See how you can use the IFS model as a compassionate means to assist your clients so they can revisit trauma, initiate healing, more!


What is the CSTS certification?

Certified Shame-Informed Treatment Specialist (CSTS) is the easiest certification that will change your career forever. Not just trauma-informed solutions, you’ll get specific step-by-step solutions on the continuum of self‐evaluative emotions: Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment, Remorse, Regret, Self‐ Criticism, and Self‐Loathing.

With this certification, you will understand:

  • The role of attachment in the formation of shame‐based identity
  • The neurobiology of shame and trauma, core shame and implicit memory
  • Defenses against shame including lying, blaming, narcissism, addictions, perfectionism and more
  • Attunement and connection as the key to therapeutic change with shame‐prone clients

Interventions and clinical strategies for treating core shame, including:

  • Somatic approaches to cultivate secure attachment 
  • Mindfulness and meditations
  • Strategies to replicate conditions for healthy attachment
  • Self‐compassion exercises

Integrate shame‐informed clinical strategies into the treatment of:

  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Substance use
  • Anger and rage
  • Perfectionism
  • Co‐dependency
  • Depression
  • Self‐harm
  • Suicidality

Set yourself apart from the thousands of clinicians relying on outdated methods to treat their clients, sign up today and become CSTS Certified!

What can certification do for me and my practice?

Your CSTS certification demonstrates elevated competency in that you have met clear and established guidelines of training and experience. Some mental health providers take pride in developing a specialty in particular approaches, and obtaining a certification is one way to emphasize and give credibility to those efforts. Show clients and colleagues your practice is based on leading-edge research in this complex area of mental health. For some, certification may help to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Don't take our word for it. Here's what your colleagues have said:

“…Certification has really boosted my clientele. Now, I have a full practice with an extensive waiting list because of it.” – Jack H.

“I love the certifications I have from Evergreen Certifications! I feel that it has helped me narrow my focus and be targeted in my training rather than choosing from the several trainings out there in various subjects. Now, I go to Evergreen Certifications to find out what may be helpful to add to my skillset, look at the recommended trainings and go from there!” – Mary E. 

“Evergreen certifications has helped me gain knowledge that enhances my work with clients and other professionals. A priceless investment!” – Crecenra F.

Become certified in just three easy steps!

Step 1: Watch the online summit and bonus content.

Step 2: Complete the CE tests and instantly print your certificates of completion.

Step 3: Submit the Certification Questionnaire included in this training and we'll cover the cost of your certification for 1 year* (a $149.99 value!).
Click here for full Certification requirements

That's it! No hidden fees. No catch. Just certification made EASY.

*Professional standards apply. Learn more at

We partner with Evergreen Certifications to include certification with some of our products. When you purchase such a product, we may disclose your information to Evergreen Certifications for purposes of providing services directly to you or to contact you regarding relevant offers.

CSTS Certification: Eating Disorders, Addictive Eating, Body Shame and More
$1,089.95 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Frequently Asked Questions

Eating disorders and disordered eating are not physiological addictions; they are survival responses` to control trauma, anxiety, and shame. It is pivotal for clinicians treating any form of disordered eating, eating disorders, trauma work and/or body image disturbance. This evidence based online course is broken up into easy-to-digest video modules with comprehensive handouts that include problem-solution strategies, innovative worksheets, and countless interventions.

This online training provides the skills and tools you need to end the tyrannical hold of eating disorders. You want your clients to re-connect with their long-neglected bodies, let go of the “not enough” narrative, and learn to embrace, befriend, and listen to the internal wisdom of their bodies. Upon completion, you will be able to build a safe and empathetic therapeutic environment transforming your client’s shame in empowerment!

With over 26 hours of online video training, insightful commentary, interventions and examples, you will have compelling new clinical strategies that you can immediately start applying in your practice! We encourage you to take the time to fully absorb everything. Watch the videos. Read the materials. Get your CE hours! Earn your certification!

But, if you review all of the course materials and are still not satisfied, call us at 800-844-8260. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Yes! Once you register for this self-directed course, the materials are yours to keep, access, and review forever.

See what recent participants had to say about this program...

CSTS Certification: Eating Disorders, Addictive Eating, Body Shame and More
$1,089.95 Value
Just $299.99 Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Up to 26.5 CE HoursClick here for Credit details
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive training course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, give us a call at 800-844-8260.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.

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