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Your client had cut their wrists during a depressive episode, then came to your office.

Your mind is racing… Did I miss suicidal cues the week before? Maybe I got the diagnosis wrong? I should have checked-in sooner. I could have prevented this...

Clients with chronic depression, bipolar, cyclothymia, and schizoaffective disorders didn't choose to be this way… but they did choose YOU as their therapist.

This work is tough and we're here to make it easier for you... To help you increase your client's stability, decrease time in treatment, and pick up on even the most subtle suicidal cues, we've put together a clinical roadmap with shortcuts, practical worksheets, and more!

You'll learn from experts how to tailor DBT, CBT, and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) to all mood disorders and their comorbidities – like trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, and personality disorders traits.

This training will move you from feeling stuck in your last session to never missing a beat with your clients!

AND, as a completely free gift, we'll cover your first year as a Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional (CDMDTP)!

Depression & Mood Disorder Certification
Treat Mood Disorders Using DBT, CPT, CBT and More

$929.94 Value, JUST $399.99 FOR YOU!

See what recent participants had to say about certification...

We've hand-selected the foremost experts in the field of mood disorder treatment. So, you'll walk away with interventions from the leading experts to treat mood disorders.

  • Award-winning researcher, author, and Yale graduate Chris Aiken, MD, will help you demystify the DSM-5™ and gain advanced knowledge of treating challenging cases.
  • Over 5,000 of your colleagues have already learned Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) from Kathleen Chard, PhD, one of the most experienced trauma treatment clinicians – she'll share real examples from case studies working with suicidal Veterans.
  • Renowned by her contemporaries, such as Gabor Mate and Pat Ogden, Janina Fisher, PhD, is a true master of sensorimotor therapy and expert in blending neurobiology into interventions to get depressed and anxious clients moving again.
  • The creator of the one of the most trusted, prestigiously reviewed suicide assessments, David Jobes, PhD, ABPP, will walk you through the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) protocol. Having the one of the strongest bases of suicide screening tools ever, you'll want to add this skill to your box!

PLUS, as a BONUS, you'll get full-access to an exclusive Janina Fisher article which teaches you a sensorimotor approach for managing your client's treatment-resistant depression!

Earn up to 21.5 CE hours, AND REMEMBER – you'll get certified as a CDMDTP for FREE!

Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional
Apply DBT, CPT, & CBT to Your Clients Now!

$929.94 Value, JUST $399.99 FOR YOU!
Earn up to 21.5 CE Hours + Certification
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Don't miss an opportunity to identify suicidal risks and treat depressed clients — get the training you need now!
Course Module Outlines
Depression and Mood Disorder Certification Training: New Assessment and Treatment Techniques for Lasting Recovery

Chris Aiken, MD, distinguished Yale psychiatrist and author, focuses on natural and lifestyle approaches to treating mood disorders you can implement with your next client. You're going to get information way beyond the basics to impact your clients in new ways, including how to:

  • Create behavioral activation with Rumination-Focused CBT
  • Apply an attachment-based approach to unravel deeply rooted behavior patterns
  • Avoid over-diagnosing with evidence-based screens and assessments
  • Motivate clients with positive and negative reinforcements
  • Understand circadian rhythms, neurohormones, and neuroplasticity to support clients
  • Shutdown insomnia for good with CBT-I

"Dr. Aiken was an excellent, interesting, engaging presenter, even for remote participants."
— Pamela R.

Click here for course objectives and outline | Click here for information about Chris Aiken

Treating Suicide Risk with Competence and Confidence: How to Move Beyond Our Fears

David Jobes, PhD, ABPP, is the creator and developer of one of the most successful suicide intervention tools, the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS). From his acclaimed and groundbreaking work, you're going to take away the knowledge to:

  • Manage the spectrum of concerns from acute risk to safety planning
  • Use the CAMS approach, DBT, and suicide-focused CBT
  • Target direct versus indirect drivers of suicide for the most effective interventions
  • Decrease suicide-related malpractice liability

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from your fellow colleagues!

Click here for course objectives and outline | Click here for information about David Jobes

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for Suicidality: Overcoming Stuck Points and Creating Mental Flexibility

Kathleen Chard, PhD, the co-developer of CPT and director of the Trauma Recovery Center at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, has used her innovative treatment to heal thousands of Veterans and teach your colleagues. From just one short training, you'll know how to:

  • Create more mental flexibility in your suicidal clients
  • Address suicide-related Stuck Points
  • Apply techniques from CPT, from real case examples!

"Some of the best information I have learned to address suicide."
— Valerie W.

Click here for course objectives and outline | Click here for information about Kathleen M. Chard

Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Sensorimotor Approach to Change

Janina Fisher, PhD, is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist who specializes in sensorimotor treatment for trauma as well as mood disorders. If you're working with treatment-resistant symptoms, get ready to learn how to:

  • Help clients separate depressive thoughts from physical symptoms
  • Get clients to experiment with new words, actions, and habits
  • Use body-centered interventions to increase energy and focus in depressed clients

"Dr. Fisher was exceptional! Effective speaking style and engagement of attendees. Will be looking for more courses offered by her."
— Nina L.

Click here for course objectives and outline | Click here for information about Janina Fisher

JANINA FISHER'S Psychotherapy Networker article "9 Simple Interventions for Depression"

Learn novel interventions from sensorimotor therapy, internal family systems, teaching clients to “drop the content,” and more!

Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional
Proven Strategies Using DBT, CPT, CBT, & More

$929.94 Value, JUST $399.99 FOR YOU!

What is the CDMDTP certification?

Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional (CDMDTP) is a simple to get certification that will impact your career again and again. Beyond the basics of learning about mood disorders, you'll get specific step-by-step solutions on how to implement various treatments for specific mood disorders!

You'll elevate your practice by understanding how to:
  • Treat clients with both trauma and mood disorders
  • Implement new screening and assessment tools for accurate diagnoses
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalization for suicidal clients
  • Stop client ruminations that drive insomnia and depression
  • Influence your client's nutrition and diet to improve symptoms of depression!

Set yourself apart from the thousands of clinicians relying on outdated methods to treat their clients. Sign up today and become a CDMDTP!

What can certification do for me and my practice?

Your CDMDTP certification demonstrates elevated competency in that you have met clear and established guidelines of training and experience. Some mental health providers take pride in developing a specialty in particular approaches, and obtaining a certification is one way to emphasize and give credibility to those efforts. Show clients and colleagues your practice is based on leading-edge research in this complex area of mental health. For some, certification may help to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Don't take our word for it. Here's feedback from one of your colleagues:

Certification has allowed me to become specialized in anxiety and build my new private practice around everything I learn. I love learning, so it really allows me to grow personally and bring those developments into my work! I could never have enough information!” – Kaileen Kristin, LPC, CCATP, CTMH

Certification Made Simple: Just Three Steps

In just three easy steps, you can become a Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional (CDMDTP):

Step 1: Watch the online course

Step 2: Complete the CE tests and instantly print your certificates of completion

Step 3: Submit the Certification Questionnaire included in this training, and your application is complete.*
Click here for full Certification requirements

That's it! No hidden fees. No catch. Just certification made EASY.

*Professional standards apply. Learn more at

We partner with Evergreen Certifications to include certification with some of our products. When you purchase such a product, we may disclose your information to Evergreen Certifications for purposes of providing services directly to you or to contact you regarding relevant offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional course will take your practice to the next level. You'll be able to assess, diagnose, and treat clients with new insights and deepened knowledge. This course gives you training in critical areas of depression and mood disorder treatment, including suicidality. When you complete this course, you'll have a new toolbox of techniques including DBT, CBT, CPT, Sensorimotor therapy, plus, so much more!

With over 20 hours of online video training, interventions, case examples, and audience Q&A sessions, you will have compelling new clinical strategies that you can immediately start applying in your practice! We encourage you to take the time to fully absorb everything. Watch the videos. Read the materials. Get your CE hours! Earn your certification!

But, if you review all of the course materials and are still not satisfied, call us at 800-844-8260. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Yes! Once you register for this self-paced course, the materials are yours to keep, access, and review forever.

Yes! Your CDMDTP certification demonstrates elevated competency in that you have met clear and established guidelines of training and experience. Being certified allows you to develop your practice specifically tailored to treating the clients you want to treat. Beyond this, you'll attract new clients to your practice by standing out in your field with your expert training.

Certified Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment Professional
Proven Strategies Using DBT, CPT, CBT, & More

$929.94 Value, JUST $399.99 FOR YOU!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive training course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, give us a call at 800-844-8260.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.

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