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There are so many unique ways of doing somatic therapy that often therapists are baffled about where to begin.

And… real, hands-on training is not only hard to find, some programs take years.

But, what if you could master integrative body-based techniques in one simple, comprehensive course?

This exclusive course gives you a front-row seat to witness somatic healing with Peter Levine's distinguished student and Somatic Psychology expert, Abi Blakeslee. In easy-to-understand language you'll learn how to creatively design and implement interventions that follow the lead of the nervous system, gently releasing decades of stored pain.

Learn how to use simple body-based, polyvagal, and neurobiological interventions - including movement, increasing bodily awareness, visualization, nervous system regulation and other embodied exercises to facilitate trauma healing. Get real-world, in-session demonstrations, case studies, and more so you can start applying somatic therapy techniques immediately. Learn how to…
  • Confidently do a somatic therapy session from opening to closing
  • Notice the subtle cues and changes in posture so you know exactly where to intervene
  • Balance guiding the client on what to tune into with letting the client lead
  • Access implicit and explicit memories to facilitate processing without overwhelming clients
  • Disempower survival psychology and repair attachment trauma through nervous system attunement

BONUS! Exclusive training from Somatic Experiencing® pioneer Peter Levine on deep healing for attachment and relational trauma.

Register today for this rare opportunity to join one of the premier healers from the next generation of legendary somatic therapists! Set yourself apart — become a somatic therapy clinician!

Somatic Trauma Healing Step-by-Step with Abi Blakeslee

$1,029.96 Value
ONLY $429.99
Plus, earn up to 23.25 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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How Will I Learn?

This course creates a roadmap to implement somatic techniques easily and effectively with diverse clients. Each module contains a lecture portion, then dives into demonstrations. You'll see Abi do each technique with more than one client so you gain the confidence and skills to implement these strategies with any client on your caseload. Sit alongside Abi to learn invaluable healing skills as she works with…
  • Monique, an adopted sexual abuse survivor processing attachment wounds, dissociation
  • Rosa, a woman with intergenerational trauma from the Korean war and processing medical trauma
  • Clint & Christine, a couple processing a near-death experience after a car accident
  • Khyal, an Australian man working to express anger and frustration effectively in relationships
  • Mara, a resilient non-binary volunteer exploring avoidant feelings, assertive boundaries and re-empowerment around complicated attachment from a narcissistic father
  • Ruth, the primary caregiver of a spouse with cancer
…and more, so you can know exactly how to use somatic therapy with any client that comes to your office!
Somatic Trauma Healing Step-by-Step with Abi Blakeslee
$1,029.96 Value
ONLY $429.99
Plus, earn up to 23.25 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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What's Inside…
This course walks you through step-by-step exactly how to do Somatic Therapy from start to finish with each unique client you see. Part one teaches you foundational interventions for diverse clients and problems. Part two guides you to apply these skills directly to target implicit memories and dysregulated nervous systems. Lastly, Part Three teaches you how to do meaningful healing of deeply entrenched attachment wounds. You'll see in-session demos in every step of the way!

Key Somatic Therapy Techniques for Complex Trauma
See first-hand through video demonstrations how to release trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, and other chronic problems trapped in the body. Walk away with 9 crucial regulation tools you can use right away with all your clients.

Skill building:
  • 9 key regulation exercises
    • Support, Body, Relational
    • Biological orienting
    • Orienting to Safety
    • Centering
    • Posture and Container
    • Expansion
    • Self-Contact
    • Mirroring
    • Gentle Movement
  • Down-regulation & Up-regulation nervous system practices
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Use metaphor for nervous system regulation
  • Targeting explicit and implicit memories
  • Reintegrating to the present time

Tame the Survival Response and Target Implicit Memories
Learn how to move your clients beyond survival physiology, apply polyvagal theory, and see transgenerational trauma healing in action. Learn interventions to work with two types of the "freeze" response, three unique presentations of dissociation, and other defenses. Walk away from this with exercises for connection to healthy aggression, empowerment, and boundary repair.

Skill building:
  • Track the nervous system with Polyvagal exercises
  • Identify "transitional states" or discharge of emotions
  • Exercises for resourcing and orientating
  • Identify voluntary versus involuntary movement
  • Begin Preparatory Movements
  • Build impulses and agency toward movement
  • Connect to the client's inner animal
  • Hand exercises to release aggression
  • Ventral exercises that help clients speak up
  • Exercises to help clients create boundaries
  • Cut through dissociation and freeze physiology
  • Create safety through imagery

Repair Attachment Wounds and Relational Trauma
Begin to work with attachment wounds, learn a biological perspective on attachment, and repair relationships directly through therapist-to-client exercises. Even be able to target non-verbal memories from infancy and early life.

Skill building:
  • Repattern developmental attachments
  • Restructure implicit memories through new experiences
  • Developmental String exercise
  • Hakomi interventions
  • Examine essential qualities and essential sense of purpose
  • Identify and use somatic archetypes to heal
  • Improve affect regulation through increased emotional tolerance
  • Image repair to heal developmental imprints
  • Therapist-to-client attachment repair exercise
  • Use Resonance in therapy
  • Give relational support to the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Confidently close therapy sessions
Somatic Trauma Healing Step-by-Step with Abi Blakeslee
$1,029.96 Value
ONLY $429.99
Plus, earn up to 23.25 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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BONUS, FREE CE TRAINING with two Legends in Somatic Therapy!
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Peter Levine, PhD
Healing Strategies for Attachment Injury and Relational Trauma
Gain experiential skills in somatic experiencing to help clients heal avoidant, ambivalent, and disorganized attachment styles. Learn how to deepen your empathic presence with clients to help clients resolve early childhood and other attachment ruptures — giving them the freedom to develop secure, intimate attachments as adults.
Diane Poole Heller

Meet Your Course Expert
Abi Blakeslee
Abi Blakeslee, SEP, CMT, MFT, PhD, integrates Somatic Experiencing (SE) with clinical research, the psychobiological principles of attachment, psychodynamic therapy, and somatic bodywork in her practice and teaching. She has conducted original research on the role of implicit memory in healing trauma with a committee that included Dr. Daniel Siegel and has trained extensively with Dr. Peter Levine. Dr. Blakeslee holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling and Depth Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical and Somatic Psychology. She is the founder of Implicit Psychotherapy and teaches Somatic Psychology programs throughout the country, internationally, and consults worldwide.

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This course also features in-session demonstrations with Abi and these somatic therapy clinicians…

Denisha Smith
Denisha Smith, LPC, SEP, is the founder of Healing Well Therapy, a group therapy practice in Richmond Virginia, where their motto is "Healing for your mind, body and spirit". She specializes in working with African American women who are survivors of childhood trauma. As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, she finds great purpose in supporting her clients to process their traumas and mobilize in areas where they have felt stuck. Denisha is also a well sought out presenter and consultant in her community where she educates on nervous system regulation as well as other topics relevant to mental health and mind body connection.
Carlos Canales
Dr. Carlos Canales, PsyD, CGP, AGPA-F, SEP™, is a bilingual/bicultural licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Group Psychotherapist, and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. He specializes in working with affect, the body, and relational dynamics. He is a clinical member of the Iowa Psychological Association, Iowan Mental Health Counselors Association, The Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy – Division 49 of the American Psychological Association, and is an American Group Psychotherapy Association Fellow.
Ling-Chan (Amar) Huang
Ling-Chan (Amar) Huang is a psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner® based in Taiwan. He specializes in working with children and families; Supporting them to heal attachment and developmental trauma and finding ways to come back to authentic self. He believes that we all have the same innate healing capacity as other species in the world. He teaches in many countries including Taiwan, China, and Malaysia.
Burt Rodgers
Burt Rodgers, LCSW, SEP, is a therapist with over a decade of experience specializing in mental health and substance use concerns. He enjoys helping others gain insight into their problems and empowering them to make positive changes in their lives. He works predominantly with homicide survivors in inner city Kansas City. He is also a part of the Somatic Experiencing Institute Crisis Stabilization and Safety project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some therapists have avoided using somatic therapies in their practice because of one simple obstacles… how do you do somatic therapy? This course is the solution — you'll learn exactly how to implement somatic techniques in session through demonstrations with clinical commentary. You'll walk away from this training being able to structure a somatic therapy session from start to finish, as well as incorporate foundational techniques in everyday therapy sessions to keep your clients grounded, processing emotions, prevent emotional overwhelm, and more. PLUS, somatic techniques help you to be more aware of yourself as the clinician, tune into clients' subtle movements and changes more closely and develop a deep rapport. The training you need in somatic therapy is finally here! Register now!
Yes! The evidence-base of somatic therapies continues to evolve and develop overtime. While the intricacies of somatic therapies are not as easy to measure as cognitive-based therapies, somatic techniques have increasing proven their ability to successfully treat — depression, anxiety, PTSD, attachment wounds, and other chronic conditions. Some practitioners have shied away from somatic therapies due to a lack of practical knowledge on how to implement techniques that are body-based, especially without the use of touch. This course is specifically designed to give you the skills to overcome these challenges so that you can practice somatic therapies with confidence and competence — you'll enhance your scope of practice while adhering to ethical guidelines.
This course will help you to do exactly that! Somatic therapy can be used with almost any client and presenting problemPTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, intergenerational trauma, complex trauma, addiction, and more. The somatic therapy strategies you learn in this course are customizable and can be individualized per client, session, and targeted goals. Somatic exercises and interventions can also be seamlessly and easily integrated into other therapy modalities you're already using.
Immediately! Once you register you'll have unlimited access to all course materials — handouts, video demonstrations, slides, and more.
Somatic Trauma Healing Step-by-Step with Abi Blakeslee
$1,029.96 Value
ONLY $429.99
Plus, earn up to 23.25 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details.
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