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Join the Ranks of Today's Top Trauma Therapists with 3 of Today's Most-Trusted Treatments

These are the cornerstone modalities for comprehensive trauma care…

…the ones thousands of your colleagues rely on to provide life-changing treatment.

With them, you can unlock your full potential as a trauma therapist — and guide your clients toward profound healing and lasting change.

And now in this ALL-NEW online training program, you can join the ranks of today's top trauma practitioners with powerful skills and tools from each.

When you register, you'll get access to a trio of expert trainers who've mastered EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, and IFS therapy — and taught countless clinicians just like you exactly how to use them.

They'll make it easy for you to quickly acquire techniques from these highly trusted treatments so you can give your clients the transformative outcomes they deserve.

With detailed video instruction and demonstrations, you'll discover how to better stabilize clients, safely confront and process traumatic memories in sessions, and facilitate in the healing of deep-rooted relational pain.

No prior experience with any of these treatments is required.

This exclusive bundle puts all 3 of these practice-enhancing trainings in your hands for a fraction of what it would cost to buy them individually.

So register now!

PS — We're so confident you'll leave this program feeling more prepared to treat trauma we've backed it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3 Top Trauma Therapies Mastery Bundle

EMDR, IFS Therapy, and PE to Expand Your Treatment Toolbox

$1,169.97 ValueYours Today for Only $584.98
Earn up to 29.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
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This product is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with the IFS Institute and does not qualify for IFS Institute credits or certification.

Here's What You'll Learn

At over 29 total hours of foundational training, this program goes far beyond a simple overview. Each section is packed with easy-to-follow instruction, clinical insights, printable worksheets, and more — so you can start using the very best from these treatments right away.

EMDR Training: A Rapid, Safe, and Proven Treatment for Trauma

Join certified EMDR clinician and expert trainer Karee Powers and discover how this powerful, evidence-based treatment has helped thousands of clients safely and rapidly process their traumas without the need to focus on explicit details!

In almost 12 hours of self-paced instruction, you'll learn:

How the EMDR Approach Works

  • The neuroscience of exposure therapy and cognitive therapy
  • The neuroscience of relaxation exercises
  • EMDR and other “transformative therapies”
  • Why EMDR works so well from a brain perspective

Trauma Symptoms and Assessment Tools

  • Traumatic memories and intrusive thoughts
  • Phobias and anxiety: Insula hyperactivation
  • Emotional hijackings and implicit memory
  • Avoidance cluster of symptoms
  • Why treating avoidance in trauma is critical
  • DSM-5® symptoms in a nutshell
  • Connecting to a diagnosis
  • Simple vs. complex trauma
  • Intergenerational trauma
  • Symptom clusters and physical manifestations
  • CAPS-5 and PCL-5
  • Primary Care PTSD Screen
  • Dual diagnosis

Overcome Avoidance with EMDR

  • Dual awareness
  • What you are thinking about is the network you're in
  • Activate networks for change
  • Neurons that fire together, wire together (Hebb's Rule)
  • EMDR as neuroentrainment

When to Use EMDR in Treatment

  • Demonstrations and experiential exercises
  • Single event trauma
  • Anxiety disorders involving imaginal exposure

EMDR Trauma Treatment

  • The Original 8-Phase Model
  • Client history and treatment planning
  • How to resource: Create a safe space
  • Assessment: Choose a target, SUDS, and connect with the image/emotions/thought
  • Desensitization: Tactile vs. auditory vs. eye movement
  • How to use touchpoints, Theratapper, CDs
  • Positive Cognition Installation: Likert scale 1-7
  • Body Scan: Locate tension and distress in the body
  • Closure: Close the neural network and the 6-hour window
  • Re-evaluation

Demonstration of Original 8-Phase Model

  • Presenter demonstration
  • Attendee dyad practice of the 8-phase model

EMDR Techniques to Resolve Traumatic Memories

  • Modifications for Complex/Developmental Trauma
  • Do not use standard protocol - Rationale for modifications
  • Resourcing strategies
  • Techniques to reinforce and activate positive neural networks
  • Relevance of Polyvagal Theory, early trauma, and EMDR
  • Sensory motor modifications and somatic approaches
  • How to build Dual Awareness
  • EMDR techniques to bring traumatic memories from the limbic system into the prefrontal cortex

Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD

Join highly sought-after licensed psychotherapist and consultant Jessica A. Northrop, LCSW for detailed session-by-session instructions on how to use PE in a way that feels safe, effective, and completely within your grasp.

And with research indicating that up to 95% of clients no longer meet the criteria for PTSD after completing treatment, Prolonged Exposure therapy is an essential component of any trauma therapist's toolbox.

In almost 12 hours of self-paced instruction, you'll learn:

PTSD Diagnosis and How to Get Started with PE Treatment

  • Mastering Accurate Diagnosis Techniques
  • Recognizing the Adaptive Nature of Diagnosis (Supplementary Handout)
  • Effectively Communicating Diagnosis to Clients
  • Ongoing Utilization of Self-Report Measures to Titrate Treatment

In Vivo Exposures: Safely Guiding Clients from Avoidance to Gradual Desensitization

  • Exploring the SUDS Hierarchy (Handout Provided)
  • Risks and Benefits of In Vivo Exposures
  • Guiding Clients to Choose Safe (But Challenging) Exposures
  • Assigning In Vivo Exposures
  • Recording In Vivo Homework (Handout Provided)
  • Processing In Vivo Exposures with Your Clients
  • Use of the PE App
  • Video of Demonstration

Imaginal Exposure Techniques: Empowering Clients to Confront and Process Distressing Experiences

  • The Significance of Imaginal Exposure
  • Navigating Imaginal Exposure Sessions
  • Coping with Personal Discomfort in Imaginal Exposure
  • Supporting the Client Through Imaginal Exposure Challenges
  • Facilitating Experience Processing without Over-Direction
  • Included: Demonstration Video for Clarity
  • Understanding and Addressing “Hot Spots” in Later Sessions (7+ in Therapy)

Other Key Clinical Considerations

  • What if my Client isn't Appropriate for PE?
  • Addressing Crises of the Week (COWS) Effectively
  • Strategies to Reduce Treatment Discontinuation
  • Handling Clients with Present Suicidal Ideation
  • Managing Clients with Active Substance Use Disorders

Using Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy for Trauma, Anxiety and Grief

Discover how IFS therapy can provide you with a unique framework for working with your clients' many parts so you can help them heal past traumas, reduce symptoms of anxiety, and navigate their biggest losses.

You'll join Certified IFS Therapist and Approved IFS Clinical Consultant Daphne Fatter, PhD for over 6 hours of instruction full of specific skills, knowledge, techniques, and insight-building case studies.

You'll learn:

Heal Wounded Parts, Transform Protective Parts, and Deepen Connection with Self

  • Foundational principles and goals of IFS
  • Understand different parts of your client's internal system
  • Parts Led Systems vs Self-Led Systems
  • IFS, Cultural Identities, and Intersectionality

Steps of IFS Therapy and How to Get Started

  • The IFS approach to assessment and treatment planning
  • Develop a relationship with clients' core self and develop self-leadership skills
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between parts
  • How to integrate IFS therapy experiences into clients' daily lives
  • Guided Experiential Exercises to help clients identify and connect with different parts

IFS for Anxiety: Working with Anxious Parts to Reduce Their Intensity

  • How IFS shifts a client's relationship with anxiety and reduces symptoms
  • Identify "worrier" or "perfectionist" parts that activate in response to anxiety triggers
  • Facilitate communication with anxious parts to understand their motivations
  • Unburden exiled parts and release blocked or stuck anxiety-related emotions
  • Practice self-compassion and self-care to reduce anxiety over time
  • Case Examples

An Internal Family Systems Approach to Grief

  • The latest grief research and DSM-TR Prolonged Grief Disorder Criteria
  • Self-leadership to provide a sense of inner stability through the grieving process
  • Exiles in grief and how they can be accessed and worked with in IFS therapy

  • Addressing common protectors, such as avoidance, dissociation, and numbing
  • Integration of Art, Writing, Ritual & Cultural Practices with IFS
  • Using IFS to identify and process secondary losses
  • Working with acute loss, ambiguous grief, prolonged grief disorder
  • Intergenerational Trauma: Legacy Burdens & Grief
  • Case examples

IFS Therapy for Trauma, PTSD, and Complex Trauma

  • How IFS differs in emotion regulation strategies from other approaches
  • Common therapist missteps in IFS
  • Address trauma-related fears and concerns by working with protective parts
  • Work with exiles to help clients process and heal from traumatic experiences
  • Developing self-leadership in clients to increase their resilience and coping skills
  • IFS techniques to help clients release emotional and physical trauma stored in the body
  • Navigating polarizations in the client’s system
  • How does IFS address Intergenerational, collective, and ancestral trauma
  • Case Examples

Additional Considerations in IFS

  • Limitations of the Research & Potential Risks
  • Using IFS in Groups
  • IFS & Therapeutic Relationship
  • IFS & Countertransference, Vicarious Trauma, & Burnout
  • Therapist Self-Disclosure
  • Medications in IFS

3 Top Trauma Therapies Mastery Bundle
EMDR, IFS Therapy, and PE to Expand Your Treatment Toolbox

$1,169.97 ValueYours Today for Only $584.98
Earn up to 29.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
This product is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with the IFS Institute and does not qualify for IFS Institute credits or certification.
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Your Expert EMDR, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and IFS Therapy Instructors

Karee Powers
Karee Powers, LCSW, EMDR-C, is certified in EMDR and provides EMDR consultation for therapists. With over 15 years of experience as a mental health clinician, Karee works extensively with clients experiencing complex trauma, combat trauma, sexual trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety. She also has specialized training in resolving addictive and compulsive behavior using EMDR and using EMDR with children. Her strengths-based approach helps clients gain the insight and empowerment they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Click here for information about Karee Powers

Jessica A. Northrop, LCSW, is a highly sought-after licensed psychotherapist and consultant who has worked extensively treating PTSD, mood disorders, personality disorders, and substance use disorders for almost 20 years. The owner and founder of The Northrop Connection, LLC, in Dallas, GA, she focuses her work on Prolonged Exposure and offers a multitude of services, including skills groups, individual sessions, business consulting, clinical supervision, and training. Her expertise lies in helping clients understand their own power. She will not treat her clients as if they are fragile. She will empower them to own their stories and to let go of beliefs and behaviors that do not serve them. In addition to providing individual therapy and group therapy, she focuses on the administration of her group practice and consulting with other mental health practitioners to expand their knowledge base.

Click here for information about Jessica Northrop
Jessica A. Northrop

Daphne Fatter
Daphne Fatter, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist, and clinical IFS consultant. She is also certified in EMDR and has completed advanced training in cognitive processing therapy. Dr. Fatter completed a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychology at the Trauma Center, an affiliate of the Boston University School of Medicine, under the direct supervision of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk. In addition to her practice, Dr. Fatter trains mental health clinicians internationally providing engaging continuing education on nuances of trauma treatment from her seasoned clinical experience treating PTSD and complex trauma.

Click here for information about Daphne Fatter
Frequently Asked Questions

If you work with clients who have experienced trauma or you're looking to expand your skills in trauma therapy, then this course is likely a great fit for you. Whether you're a seasoned therapist or just starting out, the comprehensive training and practical tools offered in this program will empower you to provide effective trauma treatment and enhance your professional practice.

No prior experience with EMDR therapy, Prolonged Exposure, or Internal Family Systems therapy is required to enroll in this course.

No. This course is designed to cater to clinicians at all levels. Each section offers comprehensive instruction, clinical insights, and practical tools to help you regardless of your prior experience with these treatments.

Absolutely. Even if you have prior experience with one or more of these therapies, this course offers you a chance to gain a deeper understanding of each approach and gives you clinical insights from experts, and practical techniques that you can start using immediately in your practice.

Yes, this is a self-paced online training program. Once you register, you'll have access to all the course materials, including video lectures, printable worksheets, and additional resources. You can progress through the content at a pace that suits your schedule and learning style.
3 Top Trauma Therapies Mastery Bundle
EMDR, IFS Therapy, and PE to Expand Your Treatment Toolbox

$1,169.97 ValueYours Today for Only $584.98
Earn up to 29.5 CE Hours included in the course tuition.
Click here for Credit details | Click here for course objectives and outline
This product is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with the IFS Institute and does not qualify for IFS Institute credits or certification.
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This product is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with the IFS Institute and does not qualify for IFS Institute credits or certification.
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