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Are you ready to transform your practice with Internal Family Systems?

IFS has been hailed as “the treatment method that all clinicians should know to treat clients effectively" by Bessel van der Kolk, author of the New York Times Best-seller The Body Keeps the Score.

And now, you can join Deran Young, President & CEO of Black Therapist Rock, and Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of IFS, as they guide you step-by-step through the latest research and techniques you need when working with cultural trauma to heal trauma, disease, shame, chronic pain, toxic stress, and much more.

Together, you will dive deeply into applying IFS theory to traditional and emerging applications to heal and restore in the Self.

Whether you’re brand new to IFS or have been practicing the model for years, you will discover how to refine and customize the model to fit your client’s unique needs and improve therapeutic outcomes.

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Healing Cultural Trauma with Internal Family Systems (IFS)

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What is Culture? What are the 4 Main Legacy Burdens of America?
  • Culture refers to common patterns of behavior/experience (parts) derived from the settings
    in which people live.
  • How and Why parts get in the way of connecting with people from different beliefs/backgrounds/cultures.
  • The 4 main Legacy Burdens of America are: Racism, Patriarchy, Materialism, and Individualism.
  • ...and more!
How does Materialism and Individualism Impact Personal and Collective Wellbeing?
  • Understanding economic class as a culture.
  • Cultural burdens of poverty, middle class and wealth.
  • What does "Survival of the Fittest" mean from a systems perspective?
  • ...and more!
Parts Impacted by Racism and Patriarchy
  • Understanding race and gender as a culture.
  • Comparison, Control and Competition (three factors that decrease cross cultural compassion).
  • How the "U-turn" can be an important tool for identifying parts impacted by collective legacy burdens.
  • ...and more!
Understanding Collective Legacy Burdens using the Intercultural Developmental Continuum (IDC)
  • Curiosity and Self compassion towards our parts when approaching diversity,
    equity and inclusion work.
  • Moving from judgement to deep understanding (acknowledge and reduce shame).
  • Healing nature of cross-cultural relationships and corrective experiences.
  • ...and more!

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An Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS)!

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)
Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) ($219.99 value)
with Frank Anderson, M.D.

In this intensive, self-paced, 6-hour bonus seminar, you'll discover step-by-step instructions for applying IFS to your clinical practice. From beginning to end, Dr. Frank Anderson will show you everything you need to know in using the empirically validated IFS model for treating a wide variety of clinical diagnoses.
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Healing Cultural Trauma with Internal Family Systems (IFS)

$716.99 Value
$399.99 Today — Just for you!
Earn up to 20.75 CE Hours — included with your registration — Click here for CE credit details
“In a complex world, systems thinking is the tool of choice. To my knowledge, it has never before been put to such good use as it has in Richard Schwartz's model of the Internal Family Systems.”

— Ron Kurtz, B.A., Developer of the Hakomi Method of Body Centered Psychotherapy

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Healing Cultural Trauma with Internal Family Systems (IFS)

$716.99 Value
$399.99 Today — Just for you!
Earn up to 20.75 CE Hours — included with your registration — Click here for CE credit details
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Get Certified and Go Further
The IFS Certification process provides a clear set of actions for the IFS Therapist and IFS Practitioner to undertake in order to demonstrate the competencies and experience necessary to practice the IFS model effectively. Certification adds a measure of quality control in the practice of IFS by providing a way to recognize those who have demonstrated the capacity to safely and effectively use the model.

Professional Reputation and Credibility
Distinguish yourself from your peers and increase your opportunities for career advancement, earning protentional, and client growth. Certification is a personal accomplishment and an unbiased barometer of your skills.

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