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Work more successfully with the intersectionality in each client…without forcing them to teach you!

The most effective treatment takes all aspects of your clients’ lives and experiences into account.

That’s why conversations about race, class and difference are crucial to therapy.

Now with this FREE LIVE one-hour recording you can get the key concepts and clinical examples you need to become more attuned to your clients experiences, avoid damaging rapport, and more comfortably bring conversations about race, class and difference into the therapy room.


Diversity in the Therapy Room: Attend to Your Clients’ Differences…Without Forcing Them to Teach You


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Meet your Speaker
Meag-gan O’Reilly
Dr. Meag-gan O'Reilly, (she/her) is a Staff Psychologist at Stanford University's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Adjunct Faculty in the Stanford School of Medicine. While completing her Post-Doctoral Fellowship at CAPS, Dr. O'Reilly created the first satellite clinic for Black undergraduate and graduate students across the African Diaspora. She currently serves as Program Coordinator for Outreach, Equity, and Inclusion. In this role, Dr. O'Reilly co-created the Outreach and Social Justice Seminar in 2016 with the goal of training the next generation of culturally conscious and justice-oriented clinicians.
Outside of Stanford, Dr. O'Reilly is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inherent Value Psychology INC., her private practice that provides DEI consulting, workshops, trainings, and international speaking engagements. Dr. O'Reilly is a DEI consultant for companies including Google, LYRA Health, and The United Negro College Fund's STEM Scholar Program that supports Black college students nationwide to navigate underrepresentation and discrimination in STEM fields. She also serves as the lead clinician in a partnership with Google to provide therapeutic spaces called The Gathering Space for Black Google Employees in response to the murder of George Floyd and the chronic trauma, and grief, in th Black community. Her TEDx talk: Enough is Enough: The Power of Your Inherent Value, can be seen on YouTube and is a helpful reminder of unconditional self-worth and that our lives matter to the world.
Diversity in the Therapy Room: Attend to Your Clients’ Differences…Without Forcing Them to Teach You
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