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Imagine the profound hopelessness and shame children and adolescents must feel as they continually struggle with behavioral in and day out. Even the best caregivers, teachers and clinicians like you can feel overwhelmed, discouraged and desperate to find effective solutions for these vulnerable kids.

When equipped with the right set of strategies and interventions, you can dramatically improve the lives of these kids and help them overcome their social, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Join Jennifer Wilke-Deaton, MA, LPA, national speaker, expert and author in this hands-on, experiential course and accelerate your learning through:

  • Real-life case studies involving a variety of ages, backgrounds, and diagnoses
  • Deep dive into DSM-5-TR diagnoses and neurological underpinnings
  • Daily activities to increase efficacy of mindfulness and self-regulation strategies
  • “Bull’s Eye for Proxemics” and “The Actor’s Faces” to improve verbal and non-verbal social skills
  • “Prime the Pump” and “The Visual Box” activities for classroom success
  • CBT and art therapy strategies for emotional regulation

In addition to interactive activities during the course, you will walk away with reproducible worksheets, handouts, mindfulness activity scripts, games, and detailed activity instruction sheets to use immediately in both school and clinical practice settings.

You will leave invigorated and empowered to immediately meet the needs of the kids who are struggling the most. REGISTER NOW.

ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders
Over 50 Techniques for Children & Adolescents

Join in-person or watch the webcast from home!
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Mountain Time

• Earn up to 6.25 CE hours
• 30-day access to the recording
• Immersive, hands-on learning!
$249.99 Only $149.99 until 10/31/2024!
• Space is limited – REGISTER NOW!

It’s guaranteed… this seminar will guide you through focused, clear and successful methods for working with kids and teens who struggle with emotional regulation and adaptive behaviors.

You will walk away with NEW evidence-based techniques that will re-energize your practice and help your clients in any setting to:

Sensory Sensitivity
Effective Communication
Coping with
Environmental Change &
Task-Focus & Persistence
Empathy & Remorse
Social Skills

Join leading childhood behavioral expert, Jennifer Wilke-Deaton, MA, LPA, as she teaches you more than 50 proven techniques to quickly improve the lives of children and adolescents with ODD, ASD, ADHD and mood disorders.

Learn how to troubleshoot and adapt techniques for preschool through high school-aged kids through real-life case studies, video/audio clips, reproducible client-friendly worksheets, and step-by-step directions for every intervention. Jen’s passion, caring, humor, and time-tested approaches will make this day of learning fly by!

Here’s what your colleagues are saying about this training:

"This conference was extremely beneficial and I will certainly use the contents I learned in my practice as a school counselor in an elementary school setting."
–Mikayla A.

"Jennifer was so engaging and gave many real-world examples of the content she was teaching!"
–Maria T.

"Easily one of the best classes I have ever been to. I actually learned something instead of having the same thing churned out yet again!"
–Jen N.

"I appreciated Jen's experience and knowledge. She shared examples that illustrated concepts and techniques effectively. I was engaged in the course and feel I have extra tools to utilize."
–Katrina F.

"Outstanding presentation! For an SLP who graduated a long time ago, this course provided the information I need for current students on the spectrum. Wonderful hands-on material. I would strongly recommend to SLPs, OTs, and teachers."
–Nancy G.

ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders
Over 50 Techniques for Children & Adolescents

Join in-person or watch the webcast from home!
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Mountain Time

• Earn up to 6.25 CE hours
• 30-day access to the recording
• Immersive, hands-on learning!
$249.99 Only $149.99 until 10/31/2024!
• Space is limited – REGISTER NOW!


DSM-5® Updates & Making Effective Treatment and Academic Goals for:
  • ODD/CD
  • ASD
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Trauma
  • Substance Abuse

The Brain-Behavior Connection
  • Executive Functioning
  • Auditory Processing
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Sensory-Motor
  • Limitations of the research and potential risks

Proven Treatment Techniques for ODD
  • Environmental support to increase autonomy
  • Self Regulation to decrease arousal states
  • Reverse aggression and inattention caused by technology and video games
  • Promote healthy brain function with structured daily living practices
  • Reduce power struggles and anger through CBT and validation techniques
  • Foster positive peer involvement & altruism
  • …and more

Proven Treatment Techniques for ASD
  • Group and individual techniques for developing social skills of:
  • Improved prosody
  • Appropriate eye contact
  • Awareness of personal space
  • Effective use of gesture and posture
  • Redirection from pre-occupational interests
  • Coping with transitions
Proven Treatment Techniques for ADHD
  • Reduce excessive movement and climbing
  • Improve executive functioning and attention to detail
  • Develop an effective teaching/learning environment
  • Promote fluid task shifting
  • Develop “whole-brain” problem-solving skills
  • Boost sensory regulation
  • Effectively advocate for seating assignment, home/classwork planning, and task fatigue
  • …and more

Proven Treatment Techniques for Anxiety/Depression/Trauma
  • Inoculate anxiety in high-pressure situations with behavioral tools
  • Facilitate anxiety control and decrease escapism at school and home
  • Reverse lethargy and withdrawal through CBT techniques
  • Increase distress tolerance skills utilizing sensory tools and imagery
  • Nurture mindfulness skills and prevent hopelessness and worthlessness
  • Prioritize worries for mindfulness practice through narrative activities and engagement of acceptance and commitment
  • Create hands-on tools for decreasing sensory sensitivity
  • Teach body awareness


  1. Utilize over 50 proven techniques for working with kids with behavioral issues, high-functioning ASD, ADHD and mood disturbance.
  2. Recommend how to promote “whole brain” change in children with verbal processing and auditory learning issues.
  3. Develop tools for daily mindfulness and self-regulation practice.
  4. Apply strategies to develop life skills for a wide variety of emotional disturbances and behavioral problems.
  5. Implement strategies for treating intolerance, anxiety and impulsivity.
  6. Dissect how to reduce power struggles & anger through CBT and validation techniques.

Meet Your Trainer

Jennifer Wilke-Deaton
Jennifer Wilke-Deaton, MA, LPA, is a licensed behavioral health therapist working in a private practice setting in Richmond, KY. Jen has more than 20 years of experience working with crisis management, psychological testing, inpatient/outpatient treatment, groups, families, and the court system. A tireless and passionate advocate for children and families, she developed a parent training program recognized by the Governor’s Commission for the Treatment of Children & Families and Kentucky’s Child Protective Services.

Jen helped create a regional children’s crisis stabilization unit, children’s advocacy center, and an intensive after-school program for behaviorally challenged youth. She has published numerous books and media products, including Parenting Better Children: An 8 Week Skills Training Guide To Reach, Teach & Empower (PESI, 2014), Awareness In Focus: Modern Guided Imagery Techniques for Immediate Practice (CD Baby, 2016), Awareness in Focus By Kids For Kids: Modern Guided Imagery Activities for Immediate Practice (CD Baby, 2013), and The Mandala Workbook: Activities Across the Lifespan (Media Integrated Applied Psychology, 2013).

In addition to delivering her nationally recognized training programs for PESI and keynote presentations, Jen regularly speaks on mental health issues and child abuse for Morehead State University, Eastern Kentucky University, and National Public Radio; as well as psychological evaluations for the Department of Disability Determinations and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Jennifer consults regularly for private/state foster care organizations, social services, schools, psychiatric hospitals, Head Start programs, in-home therapy programs, disability determinations, and case management services.

Her specialties are in the areas of child abuse, PTSD, DBT, behavioral disorders, anxiety, autistic spectrum, and attachment. Jen shares time-tested, real approaches from the trenches, using humor, energy and passion for an engaging and effortless day of practical learning.

Click here for information about Jennifer Wilke-Deaton

ODD, ASD, ADHD & Mood Disorders
Over 50 Techniques for Children & Adolescents

Join in-person or watch the webcast from home!
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Mountain Time

• Earn up to 6.25 CE hours
• 30-day access to the recording
• Immersive, hands-on learning!
$249.99 Only $149.99 until 10/31/2024!
• Space is limited – REGISTER NOW!

Salt Lake City, UT • November 11, 2024

Salt Lake City Marriott University Park
480 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Denver, CO • November 12, 2024

Courtyard by Marriott Denver Cherry Creek
1475 S Colorado Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80222
Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this training?

We’re glad you asked! You’ll learn trauma-informed positive, evidence-based interventions for social, emotional, and behavioral challenges to use with children and teens in a variety of settings.

How do I know this training is right for me?

Because more and more kids are struggling with emotional regulation for a variety of reasons, it’s likely you encounter kids in your work daily who need your help in this area. Whether you work in a school or clinical setting as a counselor, social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, educator, or other pediatric professional, you’ll walk away with powerful new strategies to help your clients succeed at home and school.

Are there any benefits to attending this training in-person?

We believe there are! Many people find it easier to focus and engage when in the same room with the presenter. Additionally, Jennifer has designed this course to be experiential in nature. While webcast participants will have a virtual “front row seat” to observe the demonstrations and hands-on activities, the immersive experience is fully realized in-person.

Is the webcast version really a live training? Can I ask questions?

YES! The webcast is LIVE and you'll be able to ask the presenter your questions! Though she may not get to all of them, she will do her best to cover the most relevant and frequent questions.

When will the replays be available and for how long? Do I get them for free?

When you register today, you get unlimited free replay access for 30 days after the training. Replays will be available within the week after the workshop ends in your account portal.

If I can’t attend live, can I still get CE credits?

Yes! Just select the Self-Study version. You'll get unlimited access to the training and be able to earn CE at your convenience.

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