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FREE Live Online Full-Day Seminar
Traumatic Grief:
Neuroscience-Based Therapy Tools for Transforming Loss into Meaningful Recovery
Featuring Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA
April 2nd, 2024
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central

Can't attend live? Register anyway for 14-day free access to the training!

Up to 6 CE hours + a copy of Dr Truitt's new book Keep Breathing is available for an additional cost.
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Join thousands your colleagues and Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA on April 2nd, where you'll receive:
  • 6 full hours of LIVE INTERACTIVE expert-led training
  • The complete set of course materials
  • On-demand access to the recording for 14 days*
  • Opportunities to get your questions answered by Kate during the training

Here’s a peek at what you’ll learn:

Models of Grief: Expanding Beyond Kubler-Ross
  • Grief is multidimensional: cognitive, emotional, and social
  • Meaning making: The 6th stage of grief
  • Challenging traditional assumptions about grief progression
  • Normalizing what feels abnormal for clients in grief
Neuroscience of Traumatic Grief: Amygdala, Prefrontal Cortex, and Beyond
  • The role of the amygdala and the amygdala’s "core values” in the development and maintenance of traumatic grief
  • The C.A.S.E. for traumatic grief
  • A Holistic View: Cognitions, Autonomic Nervous System Response, Somatosensory Expressions, and Emotions
  • Grief compared to mourning: neurological underpinnings and external expressions
  • Neuroplasticity’s role in emotional healing
  • Neurochemical changes during grief: separation anxiety, memory and cognitive processes
Self-Havening: The Science of Mindful Touch and Emotional Relief
  • Touch as a tool for emotional regulation and resilience
  • Integrating self-havening into clinical practice
  • Limitations of the research, potential risks, and clinical considerations
Demonstration and guided practice
  • Simple Self-Havening techniques to use right away 
Survivor’s Guilt: A Neuropsychological Perspective with Clinical Application
  • Understanding the complexities, context, and manifestation of survivor’s guilt in traumatic grief
  • Identifying and challenging irrational beliefs around guilt, shame, and regret
  • Clinical Tools: CPR for the Amygdala: Empowering recovery from resentment and regret and compassion-focused therapy
Secondary Grief: Exploring the Ripple Effects of Loss
  • The compounded impact of secondary loss on individuals and systems
  • Wolfelt's theory on the thirds of people around a grieving individual.
  • How to identify secondary loss(es) with clients
  • Clinical Tools: psychoeducation, role and identity shifts, building support systems, boundary setting, and more
Beyond Survival: Posttraumatic Growth, Resilience, and Recovery
  • Building the CASE for thriving
  • How neuroplasticity facilitates posttraumatic growth
  • Clinical Tools: The rainbow of grief, narrative reconstruction, meaning-making, reflective storytelling, memory anchoring

You'll Learn From:

Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA

Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA, is a licensed clinical psychologist, applied neuroscientist, and internationally recognized expert in the neuroscience of trauma, stress, and resilience. She founded the Truitt Institute, where she provides cutting-edge trainings and seminars that bring together the newest advancements in the fields of neuroscience and mental health, and leads her flagship group practice and clinic, Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates. She serves as CEO for both the Amy Research Foundation and the Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles. She is the author of Healing In Your Hands and Keep Breathing.

Dr. Kate has spoken at the United Nations, the United States Department of Defense, PESI, and others. She is a member of the Goldie Hawn Foundation Advisory Board and the MindUP Scientific Advisory Committee, as well as an expert contributor to the Kevin Love Fund. Dr. Kate has dedicated her life to advancing the treatment of trauma and stress-related disorders and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health, as well as empowering wellness on a global level through increased mental health literacy, personal empowerment, and individual understanding of the brain. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram @dr.katetruitt.

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Praise for Dr. Truitt's NEW book Keep Breathing
"Keep Breathing by Dr. Kate Truitt is a whirlwind of emotional honesty and intellectual bravery. This book takes readers on a roller coaster ride through the highs and lows of human experience, combining Dr. Truitt's personal trials with her scientific expertise. Her writing style is unorthodox yet utterly captivating, turning a story of personal grief into a beacon of hope for anyone in the throes of life’s chaos. This book doesn’t just share a story; it dares readers to confront their own vulnerabilities and emerge stronger, armed with a deeper understanding of the mind and heart."
Frank G. Anderson, MD, internationally-renowned trauma expert, author of To Be Loved and Transcending Trauma
"Dr. Kate Truitt's new book is a deeply moving memoir and a perfect complement to her first book, Healing in Your Hands. Within these pages, she shares her personal story of tragic loss and the posttraumatic stress that encompasses her life following that fateful day. For those of us who are trauma survivors, these words help us feel less alone and deeply understood. The story continues as a beacon of hope as you, too, will discover the transformational power of Havening Touch techniques and how they allow you tap into the healing potential that lives within us all."
Dr. Arielle Schwartz, PhD, author of The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook and The Complex PTSD Workbook
"Keep Breathing by Dr. Kate Truitt is a poignant narrative that gracefully intertwines the threads of personal tragedy and scientific exploration. Following her own experience of deep loss, Dr. Truitt examines the facets of trauma, the impacts of childhood, and the struggle with depression, leading readers on a journey toward understanding and resilience. Her story is a testament to the human spirit's ability to not only endure but also to find meaning, hope, and growth in the face of adversity. This book stands as a powerful example of how personal loss can illuminate the path to self-discovery and healing."
Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC, author of Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief and Anxious Grief
"In Keep Breathing, Dr. Kate Truitt presents a daring and insightful narrative. This book blends a gripping story of personal loss with laser-sharp technical insights about the brain and nervous system. It’s a candid, almost provocative invitation to peer into the abyss of trauma and emerge hopeful."
Annie Chen, LMFT, author of The Attachment Theory Workbook and I Want to Connect
"Dr. Truitt’s vulnerable exposure of her personal narrative places her wisdom around the neurophysiology of trauma within a concrete framework. Her ability to describe severe stress through its profound chronological impact on her own life and then zoom out to a wider lens of how humans are affected makes the science personal. She models self-compassion, curiosity, and perseverance in a way that only a clinical psychologist and applied neuroscientist with trauma can, learning through her past. Her description of her healing journey and the changes she experiences in her mind-body system is a moving, heart-warming experience. We root for her the way she roots for us all."
Christine Gibson, MD, author of The Modern Trauma Toolkit: Nurture Your Post-Traumatic Growth with Personalized Solutions, @TikTokTraumaDoc, and co-founder of the Safer Spaces Training Program
FREE Live Online Full-Day Seminar
Traumatic Grief:
Neuroscience-Based Therapy Tools for Transforming Loss into Meaningful Recovery
Featuring Kate Truitt, PhD, MBA
April 2nd, 2024
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central

Can't attend live? Register anyway for 14-day free access to the training!

Up to 6 CE hours + a copy of Dr Truitt's new book Keep Breathing is available for an additional cost.
Register for more information.

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