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Prevent a Patient Crisis
Simulation Lab Scenarios & Critical Skills to Update Your Practice

See it coming. Intervene early. Prevent a code.

Ideally, your job isn't to run a good code...but to prevent the code from ever happening. The early warning signs are key — know them, notice them, interpret them within the whole clinical picture, then act appropriately and confidently.

When a patient begins deteriorating, are you overwhelmed and uncertain?
Are you afraid you'll miss subtle but crucial clues?

Demonstrate confidence, competence, and proficiency during the next patient crisis.

This online course will walk you step by step through the skills you need — from good communication to advanced critical thinking, and everything in between.
Simulation Lab Video Case Studies

Three real-life scenarios are brought to life in this unique online course.

The 'patient' talks, vital signs change, EKG rhythms require interpretation. Quick assessments, on-target interventions, and critical thinking are demonstrated and explained.

A debriefing follows each scenario to look at what was done well, and what could have been done better.

Watch a Sample Above
In addition the invaluable simulation videos, you'll get two engaging, high-energy presentations on patient crisis and emergencies. Walk away with advanced knowledge, tools, strategies, and interventions that will transform your practice — and ultimately help you save lives.
  • The dangers of being too task-oriented
  • How to stay out of court, and how to protect yourself if you do end up there
  • Documentation samples — examples of good and poor documentation
  • How to get your busy coworkers to weigh in on your patient's condition
  • The earliest sign of trouble may not be what you think
  • Strategies to differentiate the complaint of abdominal pain
  • Tips to interpret EKG findings — don't miss life-threatening changes
  • 3 easy steps for ABG interpretation (yes, really!)
  • A unique assessment tool to detect hypocalcemia — before seizures and respiratory stress set in
  • ...and so much more!

Today's nurses care for more patients with higher acuity than ever before. Know who is at risk, recognize the warning signs, and prevent a crisis before it happens. The vital difference in effective nursing is in the ability to "see it coming". Return to your practice more prepared than ever to identify and manage — and even prevent — the next patient emergency!

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Prevent a Patient Crisis
Simulation Lab Scenarios & Critical Skills to Update Your Practice
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Here's what your colleagues have to say about this training.
Loved the hands on component. Great presenter, very engaging!
— Kayla, RN
Great case studies! Would recommend!
— Jasmin, RN
I needed this update. I realize I was behind the times...
— Claire, RN
Good blend of personal experiences shared and research supported material.
— Brandy, RN
Best presenter I've been to throughout my career.
— Katherine, RN
Very energetic presentation. Kept group engaged!
— Barry, RN
Extremely knowledgeable. I enjoyed every minute of the presentation!
— Eilleen, RN
She brought the subject matter to life with her knowledge and experiences. She covered a lot of information in a way that could be easily understood and will be applied to my own practice.
— Dyan, RN




Here's what you'll learn in this comprehensive online course:
Managing Bedside Emergencies
Critical Skills for Managing a Patient in Crisis
with Pam Collins, MSN, CMSRN, RN-BC
  • Tools to Sharpen Your Crisis Management Strategies
  • 6 Fail-Proof Steps to Rhythm Interpretation
  • Critical Actions for "I'm Having Chest Pain!"
  • Abdominal Pain: What is it REALLY Telling You?

You have a daunting challenge of recognizing subtle changes in a patient's condition that can lead to a medical emergency. Do you know what to do for the older woman who suddenly doesn't know her name or the joint replacement patient who suddenly complains of chest pain? These are scary situations, but you don't have to panic! Pam Collins, MSN, CMSRN, RN-BC will share clinical insights to sharpen your skills in identification and management for a wide variety of bedside nursing emergencies, including: neurological, cardiac and GI emergencies.
Managing Bedside Emergencies
Key Interventions & Documentation Strategies During a Patient Emergency
with Pam Collins, MSN, CMSRN, RN-BC
  • Prevention, Presentation and Action for the Most Common Nursing Emergencies
  • ABG Analysis Made Easy
  • Respiratory Emergencies: Quick Assessment Strategies for Rapid Action
  • Documenting High Risk Situations

Expert speaker, Pam Collins, MSN, CMSRN, RN-BC, will help you get the best tools and strategies for early identification and management of emergencies such as pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, respiratory failure, as well as the variety of post-op complications that can present. Leave this online training, more prepared than ever to identify and manage your next patient emergency!
Simulation Lab Scenarios to Prevent a Real Patient Crisis
with Robin Gilbert, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN
Robin Gilbert, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN will use simulation scenarios to identify patients whose condition is deteriorating, the appropriate interventions, and desired outcomes. Simulation provides a non-threatening approach to high-risk scenarios that will ultimately improve patient safety. The realism of simulation can improve failure to rescue situations in actual patient care. During the scenarios, the mannequins will respond based on the interventions delivered for a variety of high risk situations, including:
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Shock
  • Sepsis
  • Respiratory Crisis
  • Acute Change in LOC

Watch a Sample Above
Watch a FREE simulation lab video >
Viewing these simulations will allow you to think through the action you might plan to take for the patient and further reflect on her best practice recommendations and rationale that follow. Virtual simulation is self-paced to allow for personal assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Learning through simulation scenarios provides immediate feedback, in a safe environment, which builds confidence and provides an excellent bridge to real-life patient care situations.



Plus, if you register today, you'll get these additional bonuses:
Best-Selling Books in PDF Format
A $79.89 Value!

Patient Crisis and Critical Thinking
by Carol Whiteside, RN, MSN, PHD

Combining her vast clinical background and information with critical thinking strategies, Carol Whiteside, MSN, PhD, has created an easy to follow book for nurses in the clinical setting. Her strategies are the result of over 40 years in the healthcare field in the areas of trauma, burn, pediatric, neonatal, medical/ surgical, and cardiac Intensive Care Units. Carol's conversational writing style presents easy to understand examples and scenarios. This book is a must for the novice and seasoned nurse or nurse educator.

Med-Surg Pocket Guide

Full-color pocket guide for focused assessments, treatments, interventions and preventions — right at your fingertips.

Loaded with references and tools to build critical thinking, covering cardiovascular, IV therapy, pulmonary, multisystem and shock, neurological, and critical nursing skills. An easy to use resource for you to deliver high-quality care.

Laboratory Tests Made Easy: A Plain English Approach, Second Edition
by Mikel A. Rothenberg, MD & Sean G. Smith, RN, BSN, NREMT-P, C-NPT, CCRN, CMC, CEN, CFRN, FP-C, CPEN

This best-selling reference book provides both the "need to know" information, as well as the more in-depth "nice to know" details relevant to your patient's lab results. In this Second Edition you will find plain English summaries, pertinent case studies, and easy to read diagrams and tables. This fully revised and updated book puts the information right at the fingertips of any medical professional at any experience level. Laboratory Tests Made Easy is a must for your professional library.

Topics include:
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Urinalysis
  • Chemistry profiles
  • Liver Function tests
  • Thyroid tests
  • Hepatitis tests
  • HIV/AIDS tests
  • Arterial Blood Gases
  • Cardiac Biomarkers
  • Natriuretic Protein Levels
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Clotting Function tests
  • Lipid tests
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Pancreatic tests
  • Microbiology tests
  • Cancer Screening tests
  • 21 Case Studies



Prevent a Patient Crisis
Simulation Lab Scenarios & Critical Skills to Update Your Practice

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About the Speakers:


Click for more info Pam Collins has more than 30 years of extensive nursing experience which includes work as a staff/charge nurse for medical-surgical and pediatric units, nurse manager/nursing administration, nursing faculty and Education/Medical/Legal Consultant. Pam currently works as an Independent Education and Medical-Legal Consultant, and maintains her skills by working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Medical-Surgical Nursing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She maintains dual certification in medical-surgical nursing through the Academy for Medical Surgical Nurses and the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Pam also consults with Schools of Nursing for the purpose of enhancing NCLEX success rates with an emphasis on medical-surgical nursing. She additionally has extensive experience with the Legal aspects of Nursing Practice/documentation to include providing litigation support in medical malpractice.

Pam speaks nationally on clinical and legal topics for the healthcare professional with a passion that is evident through her energy, presentation style and ability to engage the audience. She was previously awarded the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award by the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium.

Speaker Disclosures
Financial: Pam Collins is the owner of Consultation On-Call, LLC. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.
Nonfinancial: Pam Collins is a member of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.

Click for more info Robin Gilbert has over 25 years' experience in emergency nursing. She is both a certified emergency nurse and certified pediatric emergency nurse. Robin has experience as an emergency department manager, manager of cardiac & pulmonary rehabilitation and, currently, as the regional manager for staff development at Central Maine Medical Center. She instructs the NCLEX review class for Kaplan and tutors nursing students online for a local college of nursing. Her experience also includes having been an item writer for the Board Certification of Emergency Nursing and a former Chairperson. In her current role, Robin is able to remain current in the trends and best practice standards for care in emergency nursing. Robin received her BSN from Curry College, Massachusetts and her MSN from Saint Joseph's College, Maine. Robin is an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association, the American Nurses Association, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and is a reviewer for the ANCC's Pathway to Excellence.

Speaker Disclosures
Financial: Robin Gilbert has an employment relationship with Central Maine Medical Center and Rumford Hospital. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.
Nonfinancial: Robin Gilbert has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.



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3 Interact and collaborate with other professionals in the online community through chat boards and online forums. Share your reactions, exchange ideas, ask questions, and network with your peers.
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Prevent a Patient Crisis
Simulation Lab Scenarios & Critical Skills to Update Your Practice

Valued at $539.86
TODAY ONLY $299.99
That's $239.87 Off!

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