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Legal Nursing Certificate Course
Are you unknowingly putting your career at risk?
It's time to learn how you can secure your job, license, and protect yourself from potential lawsuits.

Let's meet Jessica. Jessica had always heard, "if you don't document, you will get in trouble." During her orientation for a new job, her preceptor taught her how to document the unit requirements and reassured Jessica that writing much more than that was a waste of time. Jessica never questioned this, and actually thought, "I don't need to worry about charting; the computer takes care of that. If I chart what my unit audits for, I can sleep soundly."

2 years later... Jessica sits down quietly at the deposition table, spells her name for the court reporter and is sworn in. "Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

If this happened to Jessica, it could happen to you!

In this comprehensive certificate course in Legal Nursing, expert Rosale Lobo, PHD(C), MSN, RN, CNS, LNCC, gives you intense training on nursing documentation and litigation to transform the way you think about your nursing practice and how you document the care you provide. PLUS, leave with a Certificate in Legal Nursing and up to 19 CE hours!
With over 100 of the BEST charting strategies, this training is a must for ALL nurses...just look at what your colleagues are saying about it:

"I encourage other nurses to make time to attend... We all need to understand the risks, as there are so many. I am leaving here knowing I will be able to better document the patient care I provide."

"Rosale is an engaging and dynamic speaker. Extremely knowledgeable on content matter. I will be making changes to my practice as a result!"

"Speaker's personal experiences – clinical and legal - were very interesting! Just a wealth of information!"
Legal Nursing Certificate Course

Valued at $524.94
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Earn up to 19 CE Hours — included in the course tuition, but hurry, this discount won't be here for long!
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Here's what you will learn in this comprehensive online course:


Certificate in Legal Nursing Documentation

Through the teachings of real–life scenarios expert Rosale Lobo, PHD(C), MSN, RN, CNS, LNCC, will walk you step–by–step through the following topics to transform your nursing practice.


Healthcare Litigation
  • Evolution of medicine, nursing and healthcare
  • The essence of the story behind litigation
  • The burden of proof
  • The expert witness seals the deal
The Components of Documentation
  • Guidelines and interpretation
  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Social networking and indirect care
Electronic Nursing Documentation
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Meaningful Use
  • Risky electronic documentation practices
  • Dangers of email, social networking, and texting
Electronic Medical Record Strategies
  • Time management
  • Liability
  • Software knowledge/Informatics
Reimbursement and Documentation
  • Medicare and Medicaid Changes
  • Incentives for participation
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions
Elements of a Lawsuit
  • Plaintiff complaints
  • Medical record review
  • Timeline chronology
  • Evidence
Documentation When Things Go Wrong
  • Compliance
  • Regulations
  • Incident reporting
  • Adverse events and risk factors
Ethical Issues
  • Standards that are within standards
  • Deviations, real or perceived
  • Errors of omission and commission
  • Communicating clearly
Avoiding Risky Documentation
  • Credible evidence
  • Avoiding ambiguity
  • Recording events objectively
  • Late entries and correcting errors
What if the Worst Happens?
  • Duty/Breach of Duty
  • Nurse Practice Act
  • State Board of Nursing
  • Depositions

Plus, you will get this additional bonus completely FREE when you register today :
Guilty or Innocent? Protecting Your License Through Proper Nursing Documentation (Digital Seminar)
With all the training and education nurses receive, there is little true explanation about the importance of documentation. Even in today’s litigious culture and the backlash of services no longer reimbursable—it is crucial we as nurses understand the rationale for our documentation practices. By creating specific systems to ensure license protection, we in turn provide more effective hand-off communication. Every nurse knows it’s the law and that you don't want to lose your license, but do we really know why the methods of documentation are so vital to our livelihood? Has the electronic medical record made this approach additionally arduous? Do the questions on the EMR provide an accurate picture of the actual care provided? Often times, these reports are not clear or complete.

Through fictional and non-fictional stories, Rosale Lobo reveals proper nursing documentation techniques— providing clarity and important best practice concepts that can be applied immediately.

Extraneous situations will arise in nursing, making it imperative to develop intentional methods of documentation. By putting together an effective system you will decrease your chances of being sued. For the future of nursing documentation, the EMR is not the answer, a personal system of accountability is.



Legal Nursing Certificate Course

Valued at $524.94
Today Only $299.99 — An Unbelievable Value!
Earn up to 19 CE Hours — included in the course tuition but hurry, this discount won't be here for long!
Click here for total course CE Credit
Learn more about the speaker:
Rosale Lobo, PhD(c), MSN, RN, CNS, LNCC, has been a nursing professional for more than 29 years. She serves as clinical faculty at Southern Connecticut State University and Gateway Community College (New Haven, CT) while completing her PhD research at Walden University. Rosale began working with attorneys in North Carolina and expanded her independent legal nurse consulting practice to New York, Georgia, Colorado, and Connecticut. Plaintiff medical malpractice attorneys have utilized her expertise as both an expert witness and a “behind-the-scenes” consultant.

Rosale is a BSN graduate from Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY (1986) and she graduated magna cum laude with her master’s degree from Hunter College, NY. Rosale is the author of Guilty or Innocent, Protecting Your License Through Proper Nursing Documentation (PHC Publishing Group, 2012). She is a member of the American Nurses Association, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, past educational board member for the Connecticut Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, and American Society of Public Administration, and a current board member for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
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Legal Nursing Certificate Course

Valued at $524.94
Today Only $299.99 — An Unbelievable Value!
Earn up to 19 CE Hours — included in the course tuition...but hurry, this discount won't be here for long!
Click here for total course CE Credit