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It's not about DYING...
It's about LIVING.

We sometimes forget the important 3 words that should always end this statement:

"There's nothing more we can do for the disease."

But there's always something more we can do to decrease the amount of distress among patients with life-threatening illness.

It's time to change how we provide end of life care.

Revolutionize the way you approach palliative care and patients with terminal illness...

This transformative online course will provide in-depth training on end stage disease, end of life care, and palliative care. You'll be fully prepared to integrate what you learn into practice with these key takeaways:

  • Creative ways to help patients leave a legacy
  • Concrete strategies to identify patients for whom aggressive therapy is not appropriate
  • Tools to find balance between treatment and comfort
  • Tips to guide conversations to address realistic goals for care
  • Interventions to manage symptoms effectively and to keep your dying patient pain free
  • Techniques to confidently and effectively communicate with patients and their families
  • Powerful case studies that provide examples of expert, holistic care

Caring for patients with chronic or terminal illnesses requires extreme sensitivity, deep compassion, and extraordinary knowledge. This self-paced online course will give you tools and techniques you need to provide exceptional care and improve the quality of your patients' lives.

If you work with patients with chronic or terminal illness, this course is for you.
End Stage Diseases and End of Life:
Patient Care When There is No Cure

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Watch the video sessions at your own pace.
Earn up to 12.6 CE Hours — including 2.5 hours of Pharmacology credit and 2 hours of Ethics credit — from the comfort of home.
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Here's what you'll learn in this comprehensive online course:
End Stage Diseases: Care When There Is No Cure
with Nancy Joyner, RN, MS, APRN-CNS, ACHPN
Looking for creative ways to make sure someone's legacy will be passed on? Well think about what we did with Harold, a patient with metastatic bowel cancer. He was part of a local "village" that, over the years, transformed from acres of farmland to housing and a town. In an effort to keep his heritage alive, he had photos made into large posters and used his carpentry skills to create an entire model of the town. When we made visits, his only focus was teaching us about this legacy. He did not want it lost with his death. So we began to videotape the whole story from Harold. But he was not satisfied yet. So, with his permission, we got a local TV station to come do a story on the model, the photos, and the stories behind them. To their credit, the TV personnel never mentioned Harold was ill, or a hospice patient. The video aired on the local station and Harold was ecstatic - and at peace. He died soon after, his legacy passed on.

Harold's story and other case studies will provide examples of amazing opportunities that can be experienced when caring for parents dealing with end stage diseases. Caring for patients with end stage disease requires extreme sensitivity, deep compassion, and extraordinary knowledge. In order to deliver expert, holistic care, healthcare professionals need to be knowledgeable of new interventions to promote quality of life for patients with all types of disease processes. To add to the challenge, each particular end stage disease has unique complexities for the patient, the family and the healthcare professional.

Very little has been written about end stage liver disease. Many texts do not mention it at all. Did you know that a patient seeking a liver transplant can be on hospice care while waiting? We will discuss how this is done. What can we do about patients with COPD who have no solution for exacerbations except to come to the emergency department, or go to ICU? One medical director has an excellent intervention for this. It's time to think out of the box more than we ever have as providers. We will discuss a patient named Adele, who had ovarian cancer for 10 years, was in the final stage, but had a list of 20 items that all had to be "fixed" before she died. The team did a wonderful job helping her obtain peace. It only took a pencil, a yellow pad of paper, and dedicated friends. Find out how the team rallied to help carry out her final wishes! What can we do to keep costs down...yet assist the patient with symptoms experienced? Come learn about the latest strategies that have been proven successful in practice. You are guaranteed to leave with new tools that you can put to use when a cure is not possible, yet quality support and care most definitely are.
Accompanying the Dying Patient: End of Life Care
with Francine Hoh, PHD, APN, CS, ACHPN
There is a renewed focus in health care today on comfort care at the end of life. Research studies reveal that health professionals need to know more about the needs of dying persons regardless of setting: hospital, skilled nursing facility, home care or hospice.

This important topic is seldom taught in medical or nursing school, yet the death rate on our planet is 100%! How, then, is the most supportive end of life care learned today? The answer is through the knowledge and experiences shared by those who have been at the bedsides of dying patients. Your experienced clinician for this one-day educational event, Fran Hoh, PhD, APN, CS, ACHPN, has mentored and educated many patients, family members and healthcare colleagues. She will provide you with concrete strategies to identify patients for whom aggressive therapy is not appropriate, tips to have conversations that address realistic and anticipated goals for care, and the latest when it comes to managing symptoms effectively, specifically pain.

Each end of life patient trusted to your care deserves your compassionate commitment to accompany them well on the final journey of their life.

  • Crucial Conversations & Effective Techniques
  • Compare Benefits of Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care
  • Advance Directives: Legal Guidance for Decisions
  • Ethical End of Life Challenges
  • Tips to Keep Your Dying Patient Pain Free
  • Cultural Considerations
  • Quality of Life: The Latest in Symptom Management
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End Stage Diseases and End of Life:
Patient Care When There is No Cure

Valued at $424.97
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Meet the Course Experts:

Nancy E. Joyner is a palliative care nurse consultant, speaker, educator and author. Nancy extensive experience caring for patients with end stage disease through hospice and acute care roles (including critical care, cancer units, dialysis, emergency departments, and medical/surgical units). Her commitment to the specialty is seen through furthering her education to become a palliative care Clinical Nurse Specialist, certification as an Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse and serving as an active member on the Hospice and Palliative Nursing (HPNA)'s Professional Development Council.

Nancy has shared her passionate insights at the local, state, and national levels. She is an ELNEC (End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium) trained presenter and has taught the national advance NBCHPN certification review course, as well as having shared her insights as an online palliative care faculty member for the University of North Dakota. She recognizes that caring for those with end stage disease (and their families) requires extreme compassion, expert communication skills, and extraordinary knowledge. You are guaranteed to learn from Nancy's expertise to provide the highest level of quality care for patients in your care facing serious end stage illness.

Click here for information about Nancy E. Joyner.

Fran Hoh is an advanced practice nurse who is passionate about end of life care. As such, her doctorate in health administration allowed her to focus her dissertation work on pain management. She currently practices in a hospital as the manager of the inpatient pain service, where she instituted the pain resource nurse program. In this role, Dr. Hoh has been responsible for educating hundreds of nurses to successfully advocate for improved patient pain management. Additionally, she has her own practice, Always Think Comfort, in which she provides palliative care services to patients in long term care facilities, with the goal of preventing unplanned and unnecessary hospitalizations.

As one of the first trained ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium) Trainers, Fran has trained nurses around the country in holistic end of life care. She presented the full day ELNEC course as a preconference at the national ASPMN (American Society of Pain Management Nurses) annual meeting for several years.

She currently holds three national certifications, including: pain management, advanced practice nurse in hospice and palliative care, and as a clinical nurse specialist in adult nursing.

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End Stage Diseases and End of Life:
Patient Care When There is No Cure

Valued at $424.97
Today Only $199.99 — That's $224.98 Off!
Earn up to 12.6 CE Hours — including 2.5 hours of Pharmacology credit and 2 hours of Ethics credit.
Click here for Credit details.

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