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Do you recognize the subtle signs of respiratory distress?
When seconds count...will you intervene in time to prevent a crisis?
Respiratory changes are often the first sign of a larger problem, and they are not just confined to critical care — they happen in all settings. Every nurse needs to be able to identify respiratory issues in their early stages and respond effectively to avoid life-threatening complications.

The complexity of the pulmonary system can confuse even seasoned nurses. This comprehensive, self-paced online course makes these difficult concepts easy to remember and understand. Quickly interpret lab findings and enhance your assessment skills — never miss critical breath sounds again!

Join expert Cyndi Zarbano, MSN, BSN, CCRN, CEN, PCCN, CLNC, and master specialized pulmonary skills, increase your credibility, and grow your career potential — most importantly, your new skills will improve your patients' treatment outcomes.

  • Easy ABG's — Cyndi's step-by-step approach is easy to remember and will have you deciphering the findings at a glance
  • Ventilation, perfusion and oxygenation — finally master the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve and know what symptoms to anticipate
  • Mechanical ventilation skills every nurse should know
  • Pulmonary drug cabinet from A to Z
  • Emergency management of common and not-so-common respiratory conditions
This self-paced course was designed specifically for nurses like you who are looking to take their knowledge to a deeper level. Don't wait, get started today!
All Things Pulmonary:
An Intensive Online Course Created by Nurses for Nurses

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Expert presenter Cyndi Zarbano, MSN, BSN, CCRN, CEN, PCCN, CLNC, is knowledgeable, energetic, and entertaining. Her trainings are dynamic, engaging, and easy to follow. And even more importantly, she's passionate about helping nurses like you to be better at what you do.
Here's what will be covered in this comprehensive online course:
Oxygenation, Ventilation and Perfusion
  • Physiology of Gas Exchange
  • Math Made Easy!
    • V/Q Match vs Mis-Match
    • Calculating Shunting
    • Oxygen Delivery DO2
    • Oxygen Consumption VO2
    • Oxyhemoglobin Dissociation Curve
    • SVO2 Monitoring
    • StO2
  • Putting it All Together

Blood Gas Interpretation (ABGs)
  • Easy Steps to ABG Analysis
  • Acid Base Imbalances
  • The Big "4" Abnormal Results
  • Rapid Interpretation Tools
Oxygen Delivery Devices
Pro's and Con's of:
  • Nasal Cannulas
  • Oxymizer/Oxymask
  • Simple Face Mask
  • Non-Rebreather Mask
  • Venturi Mask

Physical Assessment
  • Respiratory Assessment Clues You Should NEVER Miss!
  • Common Adventitious Breath Sounds
  • What are the Causes & When are They Heard?
    • Crackles/Rales – wet vs. dry
    • Wheezes - not always airway obstruction
    • Rhonchi – differentiating the differences
    • Stridor – emergency treatment
    • Pleural Friction Rub
  • Advanced Assessment Skills
  • Inspection & Percussion

Imagery (X-ray Interpretation)
  • Changes on the Chest X-ray
  • Tips & Reminders
  • Types of X-rays
  • Positioning
  • Interpretation & Diagnosis

Airway Pharmacologic Agents
  • The Pulmonary Drug Cabinet from A to Z
  • Anti-Cholinergic Agents
  • Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
  • Bronchodilators
  • Combo-Drugs
  • Inhalers & Spacers
  • And More!
Basic and Advanced Airway Management
  • Managing Obstruction
  • Airway Adjuncts
  • Know Your Role in Intubation
  • The "5-point Check"
  • Rapid Sequence Intubation
  • Managing Chest Tubes
  • Avoiding Common Complications

Non-Invasive Ventilation (CPAP & BIPAP)
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Contraindications
  • Assessing the Fit
  • Determining the Settings

Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (Ventilators)
  • Responding to the Alarms
  • Management Strategies that Improve Outcomes
    • Patient Comfort
    • Decreasing Workload
    • Frequent Assessment
    • Cardiac Output Clues
    • Suctioning
Modes on Ventilators
  • Volume Control
  • Pressure Controlled Ventilation
  • PEEP
  • ECMO

Other Ventilator Extremes
  • Artificial Surfactant
  • Inhaled Pulmonary Vasodilators
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Proning
  • Partial Liquid Ventilation

Complications of Mechanical Ventilation
  • BaroTrauma & VoluTrauma
  • Oxygen Toxicity
  • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Weaning and Extubation
  • Why, When & How
  • Causes of Weaning Failure
  • Setting up for Success

ABCDE Bundle
  • EBP Driving Practice
  • Proven Outcomes
  • Current Practice Guidelines
Ventilation and Oxygenation Issues
  • Asthma, CHF, Pneumonia and ARDS (Asthma, Pneumonia, Heart Failure/Pulmonary Edema)
  • Signs & Symptoms of Each
  • Lab Findings
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Emergency Management

Perfusion Issues: Putting It All Together
  • ARDS, PE, Septic Shock, TRALI, TACO
  • Identifying the Cause
  • Prevention Measures
  • Critical Assessment Clues
  • Managing Complications
All Things Pulmonary:
An Intensive Online Course Created by Nurses for Nurses

Valued at $299.99
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The Next Steps in Advancing Your Practice
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Instantly collaborate with other professionals on the course materials through interactive message boards. You'll be part of a community of hundreds of practitioners all focused on improving pulmonary patients' treatment outcomes, providing valuable opportunities to share insight and experiences and to build your professional network.
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Get to Know Cyndi Zarbano...
Cyndi Zarbano
Cyndi Zarbano is an intensive care nurse with over 20 years of nursing experience who is currently practicing in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She is a nationally-recognized seminar speaker who has opened multiple national symposiums and speaks on several topics for PESI, as well as a variety of other companies in the US and Canada. In addition to her speaking engagements, Cyndi is a published author with a variety of books including Clinical Nursing Assessment Skills Pocket Guide and the Med-Surg Pocket Guide. Her products also include textbooks, webcasts and webinars.

Along with her MS and BSN in nursing, she has 3 other undergraduate degrees and multiple nursing certifications. She served as a US Naval Officer for 10 years, leaving service as an LCDR (Lieutenant Commander) in 2001. Prior to nursing, she worked as a counselor with the mentally ill and dangerous in a facility in southern Minnesota. She returned to that facility as a Lead Psychiatric Nurse for two years after leaving the military. Additionally, Cyndi has a legal nurse consulting business and continues to serve as a testifying expert in medical related cases. Cyndi's teaching style is dynamic and high energy while informal and easy to understand. You will leave her program with a renewed commitment to achieving nursing excellence in critical care.

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All Things Pulmonary:
An Intensive Online Course Created by Nurses for Nurses

Valued at $299.99
TODAY ONLY $199.99
That's $100.00 Off!
Click here for Credit details

Limited Time Offer — Don't Miss Out!

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