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Are you missing vital patient clues from your physical assessments?

You are busy. More patients assigned to your care. And they only seem to be sicker when they come in. Maybe something seemed ‘off’ about the patient, but you just weren’t able to put your finger on it… Getting more critical information from the patient, in a relatively short amount of time, has to be the goal!

With this cutting-edge online course, you'll get step-by-step guidance on how to quickly and thoroughly assess patients, dig deeper into the pathophysiology behind their conditions and take away the skills to confidently initiate the right interventions. All in just 6 self-paced video modules! Learn to masterfully predict a differential diagnosis through advanced cardiac, respiratory and neurological assessment techniques!

Register today….to become the respected, go-to person on your unit! Improve your confidence, increase efficiency, and avoid delays in patient care!

More Patients, Less Time:
Crucial Assessment Techniques & Pathophysiology Unveiled

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Here's what this intensive online course covers:
Advanced Assessment Skills: Master Cardiac, Neuro, & Respiratory Patients
Head-to-Toe Approach
  • Identify patient status changes – from the slightest clues
  • Perform a more efficient exam without missing critical patient information
  • Maximize your assessment skills – inspect, auscultate, palpate, percuss

Cardiac Exam
  • Examination of mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary, and aortic valves
  • Importance of auscultation sites, sequencing and technique
  • Characteristics of a functional murmur
  • 7-point classification
  • When does a murmur become pathologic?
  • Detect abnormal cardiac sounds
Respiratory Exam
  • Anatomy as it relates to patient presentation
  • Anticipate patient changes
  • What you should expect to hear
  • Bronchial, broncho-vesicular, vesicular breath sounds
  • Bronchophony, egophony, whispered pectoriloquy
  • Death rattle, absent breath sounds
  • Advanced interpretation of crackles, rhonchi, stridor, wheezes

Neurological Exam
  • Master the 6 components of a neuro exam - in less time
  • ABCT of the mental status exam
  • Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) results and interpretation
  • Pick up on the red flags from your findings - altered mental status, cranial nerves, motor, sensory, cerebellar functions, reflexes
  • Danger signs that you don’t want to miss…

Advanced Pathophysiology & The Direct Impact on Patient Care
Endocrine and Metabolic Problems
  • Pituitary disorders
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Free radicals — essential in health, deadly in disease
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis
  • Apoptosis
  • Adrenal gland dysfunction
  • Addison’s disease
  • Jaundice
  • Implications of hormones
  • Thyroid disorders - mechanism of onset affects treatment

Respiratory Problems
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations
  • Obstructive lung diseases affecting the mechanics of lung ventilation
  • Sudden death in asthma
  • Acute lung failure/ARDS
  • Arterial blood gases made simple

The Immune System
  • Inflammation - acute phase response
  • Systemic inflammatory response
  • Infection – part of a bigger picture
  • Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
  • Stress reaction
  • Autoimmune diseases
Cardiovascular and Renal Problems
  • Starling’s Law - normal capillary flow
  • Heart failure
  • Relationship between cardiac diseases and hypertension
  • Unraveling hypertension
  • Current concept on cardiogenic shock
  • Atherosclerosis - the role of inflammation
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Acid-base disorders

  • Common mechanisms of all types of shock
  • The cardinal role of mediators in shock
  • Newer therapies based on current pathophysiological understanding
  • End points of resuscitation
  • What type of shock is this?
More Patients, Less Time:
Crucial Assessments, Techniques & Pathophysiology Unveiled

Valued at $439.98
Today Only $219.99 — An Unbelievable Value!

Meet the expert in this online course:

Angelica Dizon

Angelica Dizon, MD, MSN, MBA-HCM, BSN, RN, NP-C, is a physician, advanced care practitioner and a registered nurse, with two decades of experience in clinical practice and academic teaching, predominantly in the hospital setting.

Angelica has been well recognized for her past work in medical surgical roles, and has also gained experiences working in home health care and skilled nursing. Most recently, she’s serving as the director of clinical services in one of the leading home healthcare agencies in Maryland.

Her diverse experiences have provided her with a unique patient perspective to facilitate the highest level of patient care – anticipated findings, as well as identification and monitoring of various disease states. Her passion and talent for educating and mentoring other healthcare professionals will make this an event you don’t want to miss!

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More Patients, Less Time:
Crucial Assessments, Techniques & Pathophysiology Unveiled

Valued at $439.98
Today Only $219.99 — An Unbelievable Value!
Earn up to 12.75 CE hours (and 3.0 Pharmacology CE hours) - included in course tuition but hurry, this discount won't be here for long!
Click here for Credit details

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