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EKGs • GI Bleeding • Diabetic Emergencies • Rapid Response Rescue • Post-op Complications
Sepsis • Spinal Cord Injuries • Alcohol Withdrawal • & more!

Only the broadly skilled, quick thinkers, and most organized thrive as medical-surgical nurses.

During your shift, it's all on your shoulders. By the time you troubleshoot the IV, prevent a patient fall, process new orders, and unhook the sequential compression device, you can already feel behind. It's essential that you expertly prioritize and always have your clinical skills on point.

Advance your knowledge — and confidence — with the Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course! This is an unbelievable training — with 16 bedside experts lined up to deliver the details you need NOW for quick patient interventions. This powerful team of clinical experts includes NPs, CMSRNs, CCRNs, CENs, a CRNA, & MD.

THAT'S. NOT. ALL. Nurse Blake, the largest nurse influencer and advocate, delivers an exclusive and inspiring message! You've laughed with Nurse Blake through his viral social media posts and videos. This is your opportunity to experience his electric energy and unforgettable nurse humor!

Watch the series of videos on your schedule and at your own pace. Along the way, you will earn up to 27.5 CE hours!

Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course

$2,099.84 Total Value
Just $399.99 Today!
Earn up to 27.5 CE Hours!
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Advance Your Med-Surg Skills...

In this comprehensive course, you'll get the newest updates and best practice guidelines to deliver quick, effective, and up-to-date interventions for the following patient diagnoses and conditions:

  • Dangerous EKG rhythms
  • Postoperative complications
  • Acute upper and lower GI bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries and syndromes
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • Documentation & practice legal pitfalls
  • Cardiac output manipulations for hemodynamic stability
  • Med-surg to the rapid response rescue
  • Alcohol withdrawal management
  • Sepsis and septic shock
  • Current stroke guidelines
  • Emerging & current infectious diseases
  • Wound care & so much more!
Course Highlights

  • Unforgettable, inspiring message from Nurse Blake, the largest nurse influencer and advocate. Plan to laugh and relate — as only nurses can do!
  • Practice enhancing insights from 16 med-surg clinical authorities — NPs, CMSRNs, CCRNs, CENs, a CRNA & MD
  • Earn up to 27.5 CE hours
  • Includes 9 FREE bonus videos to watch at your convenience
  • Packed with the latest guidelines and evidence updates
  • Watch the videos at your own pace
  • No Risk! 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course
$2,099.84 Total Value
Just $399.99 Today!
Earn up to 27.5 CE Hours!
Click here for CE credit details
Colleague Reviews of Your Course Speakers

"Sean Smith was great and is very motivational. He makes me want to be a better nurse!!!"Robert, Registered Nurse

"Excellent program to refresh medical surgical nursing skills and knowledge!"Toni, Registered Nurse (on Pam Collins)

"The best course on 12 lead EKG interpretation I've ever had, really!!!!! Really, really great!! Thank you!!!!!!!"Matthew, Nurse Practitioner (on Cheryl Herrmann)

"Tracey Long is an amazing presenter! She's probably the best presenter I've encountered. She was interesting, interactive, and made learning fun."Samantha, Registered Nurse

"I will choose Cyndi Zarbano as a presenter for future CEU's. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and down to earth with applicable examples told in a way to encourage and engage. The best presenter I have ever had with over 30 years of nursing. I wish I would have had her as a preceptor!"Therese, Registered Nurse

Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course: Train with Nurse Blake & 16 Med-Surg Bedside Experts!
Join your trailblazing expert presenters who walk the talk. They see patients in their respective specialized practice settings. Not only will they synthesize the latest coming from evidence but will also deliver tips and advice learned through their extensive patient care experiences.
Nurse Blake
Discover Your Nursing Power — with Nurse Blake, the Largest Nurse Influencer & Advocate!

Nurse Blake BSN, RN, advocates for nurses and patients on social media where he has over 1 million likes on Facebook and over 850,000 followers on Instagram. Blake is a registered nurse and received his BSN from the University of Central Florida. He has worked in a number of healthcare roles throughout his career and has managed several large programs including The Banned4Life Project and Nurses Support Their Young.

He is a writer, a public speaker and has been a paid contributor to the New York Times. He recently released a children's book I Want to Be A NURSE When I Grow Up which was an Amazon bestseller. His social media platforms reach over 10 million unique individuals each month, and his viral videos have been viewed over 250 million times.

In addition to selling out 55 shows on tour in 2021, Nurse Blake has been the Keynote Speaker at in-person and virtual conferences around the country. He uses humor to connect with audiences, as he reminds nurses of the power they have within themselves to contribute to positive changes in healthcare.

Cheryl Herrmann
Dangerous EKG Rhythms: Detect Clues between the EKG & Assessment Findings

  • Quick identification of dangerous EKG rhythms
  • Analyze case studies to detect rhythms, causes & treatments
  • Correlate EKG clues with assessment findings

Cheryl Herrmann, RN, MS, APRN, CCRN, CCNS-CSC/CMC, is a cardiac clinical nurse specialist, who has been honored with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Circle of Excellence Award. She cares for patients in cardiac prep and recovery, cardiac catheterization, surgery, ICU, telemetry/progressive units, and at discharge.

Elizabeth Sheffield
Anticipate Post Operative Complications & Avoid Legal Ramifications

  • Anticipation of surgery-specific complications to be prepared for
  • Evaluation of anesthetic modes and related post-op complications
  • Key airway, cardiac, and pulmonary emergency situations

Elizabeth Sheffield, CRNA, JD, has worked as a certified registered nurse anesthetist and attorney, specializing in medical malpractice. Her clinical experiences range from critical care, emergency department, anesthesia, and PACU.

Peter Buch
Acute Upper and Lower GI Bleeding: Detect Causes & Management Best Practices

  • GI bleeding assessment strategies for hemodynamic stability and resuscitation
  • Current best practices to manage upper and lower GI bleeding
  • Management of patients with gastrointestinal bleeding on anticoagulation

Peter Buch, MD, AGAF, FACP, is a double board-certified clinical gastroenterologist, currently leading a team that treats all GI conditions. Dr. Buch sits on editorial boards for numerous professional journals and is a highly sought-after international presenter.

Ebonye Green
Differentiate Spinal Cord Injuries and Syndromes

  • Differentiate clinical syndromes that affect the spinal cord
  • Specific nursing care required for various spinal cord syndromes
  • An update on treatment of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Ebonye Green, MNSc, ACNPC-AG, CNRN, SCRN, APRN, FNCS, is an inpatient Advanced Practice Registered Nurse for the College of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She previously worked in some of the country's top neurosurgical intensive units and Gamma Knife, including Johns Hopkins Hospital and Washington Hospital Center.

Tracey Long
Diabetic Emergencies

  • Identifying signs/symptoms for the 3 diabetic emergencies: hypoglycemia, DKA & HHNS
  • Explanation of treatment and management protocols for each diabetic emergency
  • Prevention strategies to take back into practice

Tracey Long, PhD, MS, MSN, RN, APRN-BC, CDCE, CCRN, CNE, COI, has worked in endocrinology, critical care, and primary care, earning degrees from Brigham Young University, Purdue University, and UNLV. Dr. Long is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, has developed diabetes education programs, and teaches a diabetes educator certification course.

Pam Collins
Documentation & Practice Pitfalls for Med-Surg Nurses

  • Patient assessment and monitoring techniques — performed with increased precision
  • Documentation strategies for high-risk patient situations
  • Current trends in med-surg nursing malpractice

Pam Collins, MSN, CMSRN, RN-BC, has extensive nursing experience which includes work as a staff and charge nurse for medical-surgical units, leadership, and nursing professional development roles. She is dually certified in medical-surgical nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. Pam continues to serve as an expert witness for plaintiff and defense medical malpractice cases. Additionally, she maintains her clinical medical-surgical skills, working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course
$2,099.84 Total Value
Just $399.99 Today!
Earn up to 27.5 CE Hours!
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PLUS, when you register today, you'll receive 9 FREE video bonus sessions!
Valued at $1,109.91!
Paul Langlois
Emerging and Current Infectious Diseases

  • SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 — what is new… A LOT!!!
  • Monkeypox — very closely related to smallpox
  • Hepatitis A, B, and C
  • Tuberculosis: Still prevalent and highly contagious

Paul Langlois, APN, PhD, CCRN, CCNS, is a critical care clinical specialist in the Surgical, Medical, Neuro, CCU, and Trauma ICUs of Cook County Hospital, Chicago. Drawing on over 30 years of experience assessing and managing patients with life-threatening diseases, Dr. Langlois provides advanced-level training to nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians.

Cyndi Zarbano
Cardiac Output Manipulations for Hemodynamic Stability

  • Analyze the three components of stroke volume
  • Choose the best vasopressor for unstable patient scenarios
  • Advance cardiac output understanding to improve your critical thinking

Cyndi Zarbano, MSN-Ed, CCRN, CMSRN, LNC, practices at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN as an ICU nurse. Through her 25 years of clinical practice, she has drawn expertise from a variety of intensive care/critical care/flight nurse roles. Her insights have been sought in legal cases for the past 12 years. Cyndi has been a requested presenter, speaking to diverse healthcare audiences throughout the country.

Christa Schorr
Sepsis and Septic Shock

  • Assessment criteria
  • Most recent SSC guidelines
  • Implications for nursing practice
  • Long-term outcomes for survivors of sepsis

Christa A. Schorr, DNP, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, is a clinical nurse scientist at Cooper University Health Care. Dr. Schorr has more than 25 years of clinical, quality improvement, and research experience in critical care. She has authored or co-authored more than 200 peer-reviewed articles and invited book chapters. Dr. Schorr was the group-head for the 2021 Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines Long-Term Outcomes and Goals of Care Section.

Sean Smith
Med-Surg to the Rapid Response Rescue!

  • Develop a proactive, high-performance approach to respond to deteriorating patients
  • Apply psychological safety considerations in rapid-response situations
  • Incorporate advanced assessment concepts for “at risk” patients into your clinical practice
  • Choose the best interventions for rapid stabilization of the deteriorating patient

Sean G. Smith, MSc, FP-C, C-NPT, CEN, CFRN, CTRN, TCRN, CPEN, CCRN-CMC (Adult), CCRN-K (Neonatal), CCRN-K (Pediatric), is a flight nurse-paramedic who has practiced and taught Trauma Care, Emergency/Critical Care and Prehospital Emergency Medical Services, both in the military and the civilian world. He holds degrees in nursing and molecular biology, is a graduate of Duke University's Legal Nurse Consulting program, and completed a master's degree through the University of Florida College of Pharmacy.

Robin Gilbert
Let's Talk Stroke! Recognition, Diagnosis & Treatment of Stroke

  • Saving the penumbra: Reversible ischemia
  • Neurologic assessment tools
  • Stroke syndromes & stroke mimics
  • Stroke management: Protocols, medications, endovascular therapy

Robin Gilbert, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, has extensive experience working in the emergency department, progressive care, intermediate care, and currently works as a regional manager for staff development. She has been an item writer for the Board Certification of Emergency Nursing (BCEN) and a contributing writer for the current CEN Review Manual.

Elizabeth Faust
Frank Aviles
Current State of Wound Care: Trends, Barriers, and Opportunities

  • Innovations in wound care
  • Technology is changing the way we practice
  • Barriers to evidence-based practice

Elizabeth Faust, MSN, CRNP, CSWS, CWOCN-AP®, MAPWCA, and Frank Aviles, PT, PT, CWS®, FACCWS, CLT-LANA, ALM, AWCC, MAPWCA, will go over the latest trends in wound care and current hot topics.

JeanAnne Johnson Talbert
Management of the Patient in Alcohol Withdrawal

  • Formulate an appropriate treatment plan for patients with a history of alcohol use and alcohol withdrawal
  • Understand the use of severity assessment scales to assess symptoms
  • Identify the medical complications of alcohol withdrawal

JeanAnne Johnson Talbert, DHA, APRN-BC, FNP, PMHNP, is board certified in substance abuse/addiction treatment, and psychiatric/mental health. She currently owns her own clinical practice and is the medical director for three substance use disorder rehab centers comprised of residential, outpatient, and sober living programs.

Shelly Denes
Fall Prevention Solutions

  • Better predict and prevent falls with effective fall prevention tools and strategies
  • Consider out-of-the-box fall risk factors, like sleep and proprioception
  • Fall risk and the Potentially Inappropriate Medication (PIM) Use in older adults

Shelly Denes, PT, CFPS, C/NDT, CGCP, provides practical solutions for your most challenging fall-risk patients. Shelly has built the presentation based upon today's best practices, guidelines, and standards for individualized fall prevention goals. She is an expert in fall prevention and neuro-rehab with more than 25 years of experience treating patients with hemiplegia, neuromuscular disorders, TBI, and SCI.

Susann Varano
Geriatric Assessment Strategies

  • Physical assessment strategies
  • Assessment for elder mistreatment
  • Rapid screen for cognitive function
  • Depression assessment tools

Susann Varano, MD, is a Yale University-trained physician certified in internal and geriatric medicine. Her expertise is sought currently as a geriatric consultant for medically complex residents/patients and as an adjunct professor teaching geriatric coursework to physician assistant students.

Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course
$2,099.84 Total Value
Just $399.99 Today!
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Medical-Surgical Emergencies Course
$2,099.84 Total Value
Just $399.99 Today!
Earn up to 27.5 CE Hours!
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